Pacers Talk Live: Raptors Postgame Reactions

Join me and Tim tonight right here after the game for some discussion of what is hopefully once again a good Indiana team beating up on another NBA weakling. The plan is to go live at 9:00 pm, (you can join the conversation here) presuming no overtime or major technical difficulties. If there are recurring tech issues, apologies in advance. We’re learning this new system on the job and doing our best to get some instant reactions for ya. So, embarrassing snafus and all, we prefer to just throw ourselves in the fire rather than wait until, say, game five when all the logistics are 100%.

Please let us know what you think about Pacers Talk Live in the comments.

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  • JT’s Hoops Blog

    I liked your previous picture better. The last one made you look jolly and personable. this one, no offense, makes you look kinda scary.

  • Joe

    I agree with J.T. You look like an evil pro wrestler.

  • Jared Wade

    Haha. Thanks, guys. And, yes, I can confirm that I am a scary, evil, professional wrestler.

  • Matt

    How do I tune in?

  • Kathy

    Really enjoyed your analysis and projections. Great for those of us who next to never get to see a live Pacer game. I’m intrigued. Great possibilities seem to be brewing here. Thanks and keep thinking and sharing!

  • Travis

    You almost look like a bald Andy Richter with a lumber jack beard,which would make you a hilarious pro wrestler.

  • Mar

    Your pic reminds me of my professor in chemistry in college. Scary yet intellectually dignified if there’s such a word

  • Doug

    Is there a link to a recording? Or am I going blind and missing the obvious?

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