Getting Into the Season: Pacer Hot and Cold Spots

We at 8p9s are going to be using a couple of visuals this season to help see how the team and individual players are doing in the areas of scoring, defending, and shooting. For the scoring and defending, we’ll be using the spiderwebs we introduced during last year’s playoffs, sourcing the data from the great

For shooting performance, we’ll be using a modified shot chart with shooting zones colored in blue (cold) or red (hot) to indicate above or below league average.  It will look something like this:

David West

For this data, we’re using the shot location info for the 2010-11 season provided by Hoopdata. The ranges will be “At the Rim”, “3 to 15 feet” (combining “3 to 9″ and “10 to 15″ range), “16 to 23 feet”, and “Three Pointers.” And what you see from the Pacers’ biggest offseason addition here is as good as you can hope for from a player that gets heavy minutes. West was well above league average in every spot, excluding three point range – where he only took 9 attempts.

As the season progresses, we’ll be evolving and fine tuning the presentation, but we hope you find this useful.

Here are the rest of your Indiana Pacers

George Hill

 Danny Granger

Darren Collison

Roy Hibbert

Paul George

Tyler Hansbrough

Jeff Foster

Dahntay Jones

Lou Amundson

A.J. Price

Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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  • wintermute

    This is fantastic.

    Paul G and Tyler’s were especially interesting. Neither have FG% that jumps out at you, but it looks like they’re pretty good in their comfort zones. D. Jones has remarkable accuracy from the long 2 region, even higher than D. West’s. Is it a sample size issue? If he can keep it up maybe Vogel should let him pull up and take a long 2 any time he wants. On the other hand, for Danny it seems only his hot 3P% is keeping his FG% respectable.

    It’s also amazing that Paul G was the only above average finisher at the rim on the team. Good thing we got West to help out there. Maybe he can teach Hib and Hans a thing or two.

    Request: Is there any way to compare the numbers against same position players? E.g. compare Danny’s %’s vs SF %’s instead of the league average. Would that make the hot/cold spots more informative? And is that data even available? I guess though it would open up debates about which position a particular individual is playing.

  • Tim Donahue

    Actually, Hoopdata identifies the shooting by position, and I have that info, but we’re still sorting out the metrics. For an introductory post, we went with league averages. There are a few changes when you look at positions, but nothing earth shattering. Unfortunately, Hoopdata just assigns a player to a position, and doesn’t differentiate. For example, Paul George was listed as a SF, and all of his numbers go to that position. From that perspective, it won’t tell you how a player performed when playing a certain position.

    Dahntay is definitely a sample size issue, taking only 71 long 2′s (compared to David West hitting .473 on over 350 shots. In 2010, when Jones took 234 shots, he only hit .384 on long 2′s.

  • Derek U

    Looking forward to the this analysis through out the season!

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  • wintermute

    Bump :)

    Any chance of an update for 2011-12 season?

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