The Real Season Is Imminent

Two teams scrimmaged in a gym in Chicago. Fans paid to watch this. They apparently kept score. David West played. Tyler Hansbrough scored some points. A guy nobody has ever heard of who still insists on having the last name “Famous” was on the court for one minute.

It was an event spectacular in which courageous men entertained the masses to a degree perhaps never before reached in human history. It may have been a new pinnacle for civilization. The world will little note, nor long remember what I write here, but it can never forget what these men did here.

Now, let’s play go some real basketball.

Tags: Chicago Bulls Preseason

  • Colby

    I don’t think the Pacers were taking into account the fact that Psycho T wasn’t going to be satisfied coming off the bench. The fact that he was the heart of the team, with Foster, during the playoffs last year made one statement. His performance in this preseason, albeit only two games, has been the second statement. The way he’s been playing, and continuously getting better all the time, is going to make a starting lineup a little bit more difficult to figure out. What are your thoughts?

    I won’t even begin to talk about the lackluster performance from our actual “scorers.” Let’s hope for better in the games to come.

  • Realist

    Yeah, I’m also keen to know who everyone thinks starts at the 4 on opening night.

    Sounds/looks like David West is still being integrated somewhat and with his recovery still taking place, I think they might just use that as an excuse to start T for now. That, and the fact that T is ballin’ like mad.

  • Colby

    Yea, how can they not start him? If Hibbert goes all Stay-Puft they could put West in at 5 and just play small since T is playing at at least 7 feet right now.