The Pacers' New Warmups

A bunch of NBA teams are tweaking (or, in the case of the Wizards, overhauling) their uniforms this season. And Uni Watch is on the case, charting the changes and minor alterations alike. The Pacers have no changes to their game uniforms but are, on the hush hush, working on a throwback jersey to, presumably, play in at least once during this year.

• The Nets are bidding adieu to New Jersey with an anniversary logo, a stripped-down version of which is being worn as a jersey patch. Also, the Nets are another team that will be unveiling a throwback later this season. Officially: NOPE. Unofficially: This video game screen shot has been making the rounds.

• Add the Nuggets to the list of teams that will have throwbacks this season. Uni Watch has seen the design and can confirm that it’s a beauty. But for now, NOPE.

• Another team with a NOPE throwback in the works: the Pacers.

As the throwback is still apparently under secrecy, there are no visuals to report. But the Uni Watch article does include some very interesting graphics on the differences between each team’s on-jersey lettering and number font as well as the necklines each uses. The lesson here? If you chose a bracketed neck line for your franchise, your team will either be terrible or the Hawks.

But there is some news. As you may have already noticed during preseason, the Pacers, like every other team, have some new warmups.

Check em out below. Pretty slick in my opinion.

  • Pacers Court

    I think they look really good!

  • Joe

    The one’s they wore on the road seemed different than the one’s they wore Friday at Conseco. I think there was some white to them in Chicago.

  • kino

    question, you are in the ny area right? i’m in la trying to watch the home broadcasts via directv. this year they are only showing one team’s broadcast, so i was stuck with the bulls last night. how are you watching and have you noticed the same problem this year?