What About McBob?

I agree with Josh McRoberts: “McBob” is a stupid nickname.

My main contention with that lame moniker has always been that “Bob” is short for the first name Robert while McRoberts is a last name. And since McRoberts is a surname, and presumably the Irish version of “Roberts,” it makes little sense to shorten it. It’s basically like calling Deron Williams “Billy.” Why would you ever do that?

Even if you felt that all these semantics shouldn’t preclude the use of what you erroneously consider to be a clever nickname, there is no logic in not calling him “McBobs.” McRoberts is plural so the nickname, if you were to use it, would also have to be pluralized. Of course, calling someone “McBobs” is even dumber than calling someone “McBob,” but I don’t see why the distinction would ever be great enough for a person to rationalize the usage of “McBob.”

Lastly, McRoberts is a pretty dope name in and of itself. Combined with a strong, one-syllable male name like Josh, it’s even better. Josh McRoberts. It’s just a good name. And people with top-shelf names don’t need nicknames. Perhaps if you come up with something that is just too good not to use, it can supersede the original strong name. Like, yeah, if I was an acquaintance of Cedric Maxwell’s, I would go out of my way to call him “Cornbread” even though Cedric Maxwell is one of the better names any NBA player has ever had. Whereas if someone tried to get me to refer to Zaza Pachulia as “The Z-Man” instead of by Zaza, I would not be friends with that person. In fact, I might consider framing that man for a crime.

Worse still is a real-world example. Once upon a time, some other dumbass blogger (I forget which, but let’s just blame it on that Rob Mahoney character) launched a campaign to find a nickname for Rodrigue Beaubois. Are you serious? Why you ever call a guy named Rodrigue Beaubois something other than Rodrigue Beaubois? I think the most popular suggestion was “Roddy Buckets.” If you call him Roddy Buckets instead of Rodrigue Beaubois (or, OK, Roddy Beaubois), you ought not be allowed to vote.

The lesson: people are the worst.

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  • Chad Butterworth

    McBobs it is!

    Now that he doesn’t play for the Pacers you can stop claiming that there’s anything good about being named Josh McRoberts.

    Let me dispute the claim that McBob is not a logical enough nickname for McRoberts. First of all, it’s close e-freaking-nough. I don’t think people were scratching their heads and writing you letters to have you explain who this McBob character is–pretty clear that’s a nick for McRob.

    Secondly, it’s a nickname, which means that poetic license is already being applied to a given name. It’s not a mathematical algorithm that spits out garbage when you add or subtract an “S”.

    Finally isn’t this the guy who wishes he had a hobby (outside of staring at his Tom Chambers posters)? If the guy can’t figure out what to do with his spare time, he could probably use a little of the charisma boost that comes with having a nickname.

    I believe that McBobs is an even better name than McBob. Nicknames ending with “S” tend to be of a much higher quality (Nails, anybody?). The singular McBob sounds like the dressing up of one of the plainest guy names out there, which I love for its dry humor. McBobs, though? That’s a guy I want to party with.