Pacers Consider Signing Michael Redd to Play Professional Basketball For Some Reason

You know when it’s really late and you’ve been holiday partying for a while with some old, close friends that you haven’t seen in forever and it’s just been so much fun that you don’t want the night to end but there is seemingly nothing left to drink so you start looking around and then you find out that there’s a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps from like six Christmases ago and you know you should just go to bed cause there will be more good times ahead in your future and nothing good is going to come of any plan that involves keeping this night going by mixing Schnapps and Minute Maid but you just can’t bring yourself to admit that the night has reached its natural conclusion so you concoct some sickly cocktails for the crew and then the whole experience is horrible and you all just sit there looking at each other with not-so-bright looks on your faces as you all grow increasingly self-conscious and start to re-evaluate your entire existence before quickly imbibing your Schnapps/orange drink travesty and scuttering off to sleep somewhere only to awake the next morning and feel worse about your decision-making than you ever have and vow that you will never again drink anything but beer?

That’s what this is like.

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  • thejoshbaker

    At what contract point would you be okay with signing Redd?

  • anxiousfan

    Absolutely ridiculous to waste the money. Redd is a class guy but useless for what the Pacers are trying to build. How about a trade to Portland for N. Batum or W. Mathews? How about a Trade to New Orleans for Eric Gordon (Granger’s from the big easy)? There are moves to be made. Redd is not one of them.

  • Mike

    You gotta think about the future. Let’s say Redd plays well or even if he doesn’t play at all and some team could really used a 2 Guard. They might take a chance on Rush, Price or Redd for a draft pick or two in this upcoming (and very deep, I might add) draft.

    If it’s a one year deal, then who cares about the money. We’re fifteen million under the cap. We could give him a MAX CONTRACT for 1 year and still be under.

    Besides, he’s going to just add depth and leadership to an already deep position. Worst case: He never plays. Best case: He comes off the bench for 5-8 minutes a game later down the stretch to help our main rotation to stay fresh for the play-offs.

    This still lends itself to the idea that Bird is going to attempt to sign Eric Gordon next off-season.
    Best way to show someone they can fit into your scheme is to create a hole. We could easily sell him on Rush and Redd’s combined minutes this year. If it’s just Rush behind George and Hill, I seriously doubt Bird is willing to give Rush that big a spot in the rotation.

    Collison – George – Granger
    Darren subs out
    Hill – George – Granger
    Granger subs out
    Hill – Rush – George, Price – Hill – George, or Hill – Jones – George. (These formations would probably need West and Foster in to stay viable.)
    But if you have a Crawford/Mayo/Redd, you can sub him in at 2 and slide George to his natural 3, like:
    Hill – Redd – George. (If Redd can just create a small spark of offense off the bench, that would allow Hansbrough and Foster to be on the court at the same time, giving West a rest.)
    Basically, I’m saying that with that rotation as such, it would probably make it easier for Eric to visualize playing for the team. (Honestly, we need to sign Gordon to actually replace Granger eventually. Danny will be 29 by next off-season, and signing Eric would allow us depth off the bench, and as Granger get’s older, he could be more limited, move permanently to PF, move to the sixth man position or even leave the team. That would place Gordon into 2 and George at his natural 3. Hill offers a little flexibility in the future, but I prefer him coming off the bench as spark-plug.)

    In the end: I don’t think Redd is probably going to be very effective, but I like creating a position that would “need” to be filled next off-season.

  • Ian

    I like the idea of signing Redd to a one year deal. He adds veteran leadership, and if he can give you 15-20 minutes a game essentially as a spot-up shooter, then its win-win. If it doesn’t work out, well the Pacers didn’t give up anything to get him.

    I’m sure Bird is still looking for trade possibilities, but there is no reason to overpay for someone to man the SG spot this season unless he’s a real difference maker and I don’t see any of those being shopped around.

  • Bryan

    It makes TOTAL sense to bring in Redd! It’ll be cheap by NBA standards,and HELLO,WE NEED A 2 GUARD. Low risk,high reward, gotta do it.

  • Thales

    I love reading all your posts, but this is the best post I’ve read…Its a great and funny read!

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