Jamal Crawford Turned Down the Pacers Offer

Larry Bird wasn’t willing to offer much to sign free agent Jamal Crawford.

And Bird won’t be getting Crawford, according to Indianapolis Star beat writer Mike Wells.

Jamal Crawford has turned down the Pacers 2 yr, $10 million down offer, according to a source

This isn’t altogether shocking. Bird offered Jamal a salary that was less than half what he made last season. At 31, coming off a year in which he was less productive than he had been since 2003, Jamal couldn’t have been expecting to make $10 million per year ever again. Particularly not if he expected some team to give him three- or four-year guaranteed contract.

But he certainly could not have been prepared to accept a short, two-year deal (the second being a player option) that would make his salary lower than it has been at any point since 2004. It’s hard to believe anyone who had other offers would be impressed by the eagerness with which Bird tried to sign Crawford.

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  • Ian

    Crawford is not actually any good anymore but I hope we are not going into this season with Rush as the starting SG.

  • Mike

    Why would Rush start? We have George at SG, and I’m assuming Hill is the back-up at both guards, with maybe Jones, Price and Stephenson after that.

  • Trea

    Brandon needs to find a new team… I think he’s probably got some of the most potential of any player on the team, but he almost seems completely disconnected. Maybe being under Vogel for a full season will bring out some sort of passion in him, but I don’t see it happening.

  • Ian

    George is 6’10″ and shot under %30 from 3-pt range last year. I love the guy, and he’ll obviously get some minutes at the 2, but he’s a natural SF and I don’t think he should be playing 30 minutes a night at SG. Smaller guards will cause him problems.

  • Lou

    I have a feeling Lance will emerge as the slasher/scorer/”create his own shot” player Larry was seeking in Crawford and Mayo. Total gut feeling, but the guy’s got a lot of upside if he keeps his head on straight, which is a BIG “if.” At this point, skip the expensive acquisitions, start Paul, give Lance and Rush and Hill more opportunities, and save the cap space for next summer

  • Realist

    If Paul George can play excellent defence against Derrick Rose, which other small guards are going to cause him problems, exactly? I love that our SG is 6’10.

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