The Pacers Are Pursuing OJ Mayo

As speculated about earlier, the Pacers indeed are reportedly gauging Memphis’ interest in swapping OJ Mayo for Josh McRoberts, who the Pacers would sign and then trade to the Grizzlies. Mark Stein confirmed that discussions are occurring.

Sources also tell ESPN that, as @MikeWellsNBA predicted, Pacers and Grizzlies again engaged Josh McRoberts/OJ Mayo talks. This time S-and-T

Between this and the Jamal Crawford news, it seems that Bird still a few irons in the fire.

But since the Rockets reportedly sent a 4 year/$55 million offer to Grizzlies center Marc Gasol, it would seem that slain rapper Memphis GM Chris Wallace has more important matters to address than trying to acquire Josh McRoberts. Popular opinion among NBA insiders is that the Grizzlies will match that offer sheet if Gasol signs it, but they obviously will be making phone calls and deliberating on the future of one of the franchise’s cornerstones for the immediate future.

So while I wouldn’t expect any immediate news on the possibility of OJ Mayo bringing his two-way talents to the Pacers’ back court rotation, that is not necessarily a sign that it won’t happen. Just stay tuned on the Gasol news and then expect to hear more about Mayo.

UPDATE: Mike Wells is on the case. And he has reported the following.

Another element in the Pacers pursuit of OJ Mayo is that they also want to send Brandon Rush to Memphis w McRoberts, according to a source.

This, he notes, could be a problem for Memphis.

That could be a potential hold up in the deal because the Grizzlies are stockpiled with guards.

If Bird really wants Mayo, I doubt this would be deal-breaker, but it certainly adds a wrinkle.

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  • Ian

    So I was looking into Mayo a bit more and have mixed feelings about this. If you look at his career numbers it really looks like he hates coming off the bench, and he had a lot of personal issues last year. My worry he’d be more like the old Jackson/Artest/Tinsley mold that the solid citizen strategy the Pacers have employed up till now. But Bird has tried to get him twice so hopefully he knows what he’s doing.

  • Mike

    Everything I’ve seen and read since around the play-offs on seems to indicate that O.J. is starting to get ‘it’ mentally. McRoberts is not going to a part of this team anyway you paint it, and the Brandon Rush experiment is over. So on that end, we lose essentially nothing to gain the former second-overall pick in the 2008 draft. Mayo is stock full of talent, and would immediately become the Pacers best scorer (Granger is the better shooter, but he lacks the elite ability to create your one shot constantly.) and adds serious depth to an already-deep Pacers backcourt.

    This also makes sense for the Grizz on a few levels.

    The Grizz only have [roughly] 3 bigs on roster right now, assuming they sign Marc Gasol. McBob adds a backup at both Forward and Center, with athleticism and NBA-starting experience.

    Another interesting aspect to this, is that Memphis would adding a third Indiana-raised player. (Michael Conley Jr, Lawrence North High School & and Zach Randoplh, Marion High School)
    McRoberts, Carmel High School, was a part of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ from Indianapolis, including: Greg Oden, Rodney Carney, Eric Gordon, Courtney Lee, Mike Conley Jr, and [of course] Josh McRoberts.

    The coming days and months hold much intrigue and excitement for these once destitute franchises.