The Mike Dunleavy Jr. Era is Over, Lil Dun Signs with Milwaukee

Mike Dunleavy Jr. is the final holdover from an era that most Pacers fans would like to forget. The only reason he ever came to Indiana was because he was one of the few players (in combination with Troy Murphy) who was so overpaid that a team would take on the at-the-time toxic deal/persona of Stephen Jackson. Now, poetically, Dunleavy Part II will join Cpt. Jack in Milwaukee to play together for the Bucks.

As first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski …

Free agent forward Mike Dunleavy will sign a two year, $7.5 million deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, league source tells Y! Sports.

Despite the fact that MDJ was acquired in an our-trash-for-yours deal, he turned out to be a surprisingly effective, for a time, in Indiana, logging a career year in 2007-08. In my eyes, he was the the best player on the team that year. Danny Granger had not quite broken out completely (that would occur the following season) and Jr. put up 19.1 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists per night while shooting 47.8% from the floor and 42.4% from behind the arc (even while shooting 4.7 of them a game). More than that, he was the key facilitator on a team lacking ball-handlers. Granger, who still rarely creates his own shot even today, did so even less back then, instead relying on catch-and-shoot jumpers that were very often the result of ball movement initiated by Mike.

After that year, the wheels fell off somewhat. He only played 18 games the next season and was just off physically during the following one. Last year, he seemed healthy again for the first time since his career season, but he was mainly an outsider looking in on a team that no longer had him in its long-term plans. He got some run, but he was merely a part-time starter holding down the position by default until a rookie was seasoned to replace him. Still, he was a pro’s pro throughout.

He also did this. And this.

Best of luck in beer town. I think you’ll fit in fine up there.

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  • JRC

    I was always impressed by him. I was hoping the Pacers could find a way to keep him (admittedly at a much lower price). I liked the makeup of the team when he was on the court better than when Brandon Rush was (I know Rush primarily played “2″, and Dunleavy “3″, but they seemed somewhat interchangeable). Good luck in Milwaukee, Mr. Dunleavy. Also, please note: going to strip clubs with Mr. Jackson can be a risky proposition. I kid, I kid. No, seriously. :D

  • Mac

    With CP3 untradeable, Celtics and Pacers should rework CP3 deal to ORL, landing IND their dream Rondo, and BOS their dream of D12 + D-Will/CP3 with their 2012 cap space.
    This is done by freeing ORL of their worst liabilities. 

    BOS: D12 + Turk
    IND: Rondo
    ORL: Collison, Green, Avery Bradley, Etwan Moore, Celtics Clippers pick + their own pick + cash, Indy’s agreement to max out for 1 year on amnestied Arenas ($15M?) and $1M for each last 2 years, Garnett’s expiring, Posey’s expiring.

    This means ORL gets 4 young players + 4 1st round picks (in addition to their own), plus cash towards amnesty, while being massively under the cap next year to reload. Alternatively, Boston could amnesty KG saving ORL an additional $20M. With the picks, Magic can start assbling their own combo like Griffin+Gordon+Jordon/Durant+Westbrook+Ibaka/

    Rondo is a GREAT facilitator, which DG NEEDS. Rondo in a vaccume, not so good, but with scorers on the floor he’s tremendous. It’s therefor worth it to sacrifice cap room this season alone by taking on Gilbert from waivers.

  • Clayton

    Mac, There is simply no way the Celtics get rid of Ronda without another point guard coming in. Also, believing they would ever amnesty KG is equally impossible.

  • Ian

    Dunleavey always carried the burden of his huge contract, but he was a very useful player for the Pacers, good luck to him with MIL