Pacers Sign a Big Man: Jeff Pendergraph

It’s quite possible you missed all 39 of the games he has played in his NBA career game, but Jeff Pendergraph, a former professional Trailblazer and amateur Sun Devil, is reportedly about to be a Pacer. So says NBA super sleuth Sam Amick. We don’t know the terms of the deal for the 6’9″ forward, who has twice in his pro career scored in double figures and blew out his ACL prior to the start of last season, but John Hollinger is probably on to something.

Connect the Kevin Pritchard dots. @RTsam_amick Jeff Pendergraph is expected to sign a two-year, guaranteed deal in Indiana,

In that sense, this seems like a good, low-risk move — presuming the money is right. Few people have ever questioned Kevin Pritchard’s ability to evaluate talent. If he was in Bird’s ear urging this acquisition, it’s probably at least worth a shot. Giving a guaranteed second year is sort of unfortunate since he is unproven to begin with and coming off a major injury, but if he does give any production whatsoever and — again — the money is fiscally responsible then it could turn out to be a savvy move. And Larry Bird needs to fill out the roster and wasn’t planning to use all his cap space anyway, so this shouldn’t impair the team from going after any of the actual “prizes” in this free agent crop if that’s what he is looking to do.

Worst case: he takes Solomon Jones’ minutes.

Best case: he becomes a solid component of the big man rotation.

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  • Paul

    The only conclusion can come to about this guy, is that he likes waffles.

  • Paul


  • Peter

    I remember him at ASU as 4 year player who is fundamentally sound, a good rebounder, and has a decent jump shot. Not much of a back to the basket post up game. Assuming he returns 100%, he is a nice pick up as a backup PF who will rebound and hit the open jumper as a 3rd, 4th, or 5th option on offense. Defensively, he is slightly built. Unless he has gotten bigger, he like a lot of players will have problems with post up players like Boozer, and Griffin.

  • Todd

    I am a Pacer fan living in Portland. Jeff Pendergraph is a good rotation guy the team is picking up. Works hard, has a decent jumper and does the little things. The Blazer fans were disappointed when he left and hoped to get him back this year. Won’t be a starter but will fit into the team well. Pritchard is a stud and the Pacers are lucky to have his evaluation on the staff. This guy was able to get Aldridge and Roy in the same draft without giving up really anything after only having the the 6th or 7th pick to start the draft.

  • Derek Unverzagt

    I love the move. This guy has some upside and will be a solid rotation guy / stat filler.

    Let’s see some more moves bird… no david west.