Danny Granger Discusses How He Can Improve

Danny Granger pondering how he will save the nation from his Batcave.

Really, the only difficult part about writing this post is trying to find stuff not to excerpt. Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated’s The Point Forward sat down with Danny Granger to talk about the lockout, his “Batcave” and — most interestingly — how he is trying to improve his game in reaction to the Pacers playoff failings last season.

Seriously. Go read the whole thing.

Here is my favorite part.

SI.com: Do you like handling the ball in the pick-and-roll?

Granger: I do. Defenders can’t go under the pick on me because I’ll just shoot from behind the screen. It also allows me to get into the lane a lot.

SI.com: What’s the one part of your game you want to get better at this offseason?

Granger: I’m always focused on my ball-handling. The better you are with the ball, the better a playmaker you are. You can bring the ball to different places.

SI.com: It’s interesting that you bring that up, for two reasons. One: If you look at your team’s offense, you guys were near the bottom of the league in assist rate — the percentage of baskets that come via assists. And two: If there’s a knock on your individual game, it’s that you settle too often for mid-range jumpers and don’t get into the lane. Ball-handling could help on both those things, but do you think those criticisms are fair?

Granger: That’s fair. I do think that’s fair. One reason I don’t get to the rim a lot is that I shoot a lot of threes. The system we had under coach [Jim] O’Brien really encouraged the three-point shot. But I do think the better you handle the ball, the more you’ll get to the rim, the more chances you’ll have to get fouled. You just get more opportunities that way.

SI.com: Will you shoot fewer threes under Vogel? Or about the same amount?

Granger: I’m definitely still going to shoot a lot of them. I’m a good shooter. But the system we have now, it gives me more opportunities to get to the rim. It gives me the ball in different positions — more advantageous positions.

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  • http://jtshoopsblog.blogspot.com JT’s Hoops Blog

    Great article, although I do not believe that danny Granger is franchise player material. He does not have the ability to carry a team and has not really shown any real leadership in my opinion. his shooting numbers dropped as he was trying to do too much. I think he would be a solid second or thire tier player on a good team, but he certainly is not good enough to be a team go to guy.

  • TooHot4TV!!!

    @JTHOOPS, Way to have the most unoriginal comment I’ve ever read and take an unnecessary cheap shot at Granger. Of course he’s not a franchise player, it’s only the same thing every analyst and even casual fans who have watched the Pacers play in the last 3 years have said. I’ve never been to your blog and I never will with boring commentary like that. I can’t wait for you to retread more unoriginal thoughts like Lebron not being clutch and package them in the most incredibly boring and least insightful way possible.

  • lololololol

    he took that franchise pretty far seeing as he was basically the only person who could get a shot off by himself, got to the playoffs, better than most teams could. even some team with franchise players