Stanko Gets Stanked On

Or something. Either way, the 7’1″ guy with the funny name that the Pacers drafted in 2007 just got lit up by Yi Jianlian. And TBJ thought it was funny. I have to agree.

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  • wintermute

    Dang, that was harsh.

    If Yi would do that consistently instead of settling for outside shots, I’d suggest that we sign him as a free agent. Too bad he doesn’t play against Stanko all the time…

  • JT’s Hoops Blog

    Yi just needs the chance and the opportunity to develop. He already has the skills, it is just finding a place where he can fit in. Right now there are not many places open to him and that’s such a shame.

  • atc

    At least we now know Stanko is, defensively, only a moderate improvement over Yi’s chair.