Some Pacers Links

Here are a few bits of news to keep you going in an otherwise boring NBA lockout.

  • Here’s Dane Carbaugh with a good piece recapping the Pacers offseason and asking if the Pacers might make a big jump next year: “The Pacers already have a solid core of reasonably paid role players, a starting point guard and serviceable forward in Granger. As a cherry on top they have a lump of cash to spend on a free agent this offseason. Combine that with the confidence instilled in Frank Vogel and the trade deadline/draft night wizardry of Kevin Pritchard, the Pacers may well return to glory in the next two years. Given their current roster, management and cap space, how could anyone in Indiana at least not be hopeful?”
  • Mike Wells reports that several Pacers repped by agent Mark Bartelstein are considering going overseas. Says Bartelstein, who represents Granger, Paul George, Rush, Jones and Posey: “None of them are dying to go over there. They prefer for there to be an NBA season,” Bartelstein said. “My message to the players (is) that we need to be aggressive in looking for things. We’re not just going to be reckless and take a job we don’t think is a good fit, but if there’s a job we think is good, we have to think about doing it. We deal with this situation on a day-to-day basis and we’ll see what happens.”
  • Wells also asks whether the Pacers should go after “West, Nene or Landry?” Nene would be nice. Can’t say I’m thrilled about the other two.
  • Here is a piece from the other day featuring me and some other TrueHoopers discussing recent coaching moves around the league. Graydon Gordian of 48 Minutes of Hell fame likes the Vogel hire: “I’ll say Frank Vogel. ‘Interim’ coaches often feel like aspiring boyfriends who have slipped into the dreaded ‘friend zone.’ However, Vogel did a terrific job with the Pacers this season and certainly deserved an opportunity to capitalize on his success. I’m glad Indiana didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

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