Pacers Hire Frank Vogel as Head Coach

Indy Star’s Mike Wells said it best when discussing the official announcement of the official announcement everyone knew was coming.

The worst kept secret in the longest drawn out “search” ends tomorrow when Vogel is named coach

Also via Wells, the Pacers have given Frank Vogel a three-year contract with the final year being a team option. I haven’t seen any salary figures leaked but given that Larry Bird reportedly took a major pay cut and that this is Vogel’s first head coach gig, I imagine they didn’t break the bank on this one.

The introductory press conference is scheduled for tomorrow at 11 am EST.

So #TeamVogel wins, it seems.

How much the 2011-12 Pacers will remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the third year of Vogel’s deal does include some guaranteed money and incentives.

The Pacers reached agreement with Vogel on a three-year contract, sources said. The third season includes trigger and incentive clauses and some guaranteed money.

Either way, the salary is unlikely to be high enough to make that a determining factor if ever the franchise feels a change is becomes necessary.

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  • boombaby

    It will be a bizarre press conference if they can’t mention any of the players that he’ll be coaching.

  • Joe

    With Brian Shaw as “associate head coach.”

    This could turn into an ugly power struggle if we’re not careful.

  • CRJoe

    Yeah, the contract they gave Vogel is also a “Win or we’ll just use the replacement sitting right next to you”… He’s gonna be running the team under great pressure…

  • David

    Jared, you should try to get the Frank Vogel interview with Bob and Tom from this morning posted here. It was ridiculously awesome.

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