Area 55 Welcomes George Hill Home to Indiana

George Hill flew into his home town this weekend. This is something he has done countless times in his life. But this was different. This was the first time he arrived in Indianapolis as a professional basketball player for that city.

And the Roy Hibbert-devised (OK … the Roy Hibbert-idea-stolen-from-Andrew-Bogut) Area 55 cheering section was there to greet the combo guard at the airport.

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  • BPump33

    He was definitely surprised. At the time we all thought he was bummed/kind of a jerk, but after watching the video I don’t feel that way. We waited for a couple of hours so I think we expected more emotion from him, but I get that he had just been a plane for several hours. He was pretty nice to the small kid that approached him. Really looking forward to having GHill3 on the Pacers.