George Hill Has a State of Indiana Tattoo

I’m not exactly sure when George Hill got the state of Indiana tattooed on his torso, but Spurs Nation posted the below photo on May 20.

Apropos, George The Prescient.

A lot of Pacers fans often bemoan their lot in life as a supporter of a franchise for which very few free agents ever want to play. Well, I would say that this is a pretty good sign that Mr. Hill is happy to be home.

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  • JRehmel

    I’m not sure love for his homestate translates into love for playing for the Pacers. Hope it does, but I’m not sure a tat suggests that.

  • pa pa patrick

    okay, this makes the lack of a rookie feel a little better

  • Hardy

    Dude can ball man and thats what matters… (to the comment on Pacer fan’s “lot in life”) The mentality of today’s players only wanting to play for high profile big market teams is incredibly stupid and lazy. Winning is what makes you known, not the number of television households in your market area. It’s not like I never saw or heard of Stockton and Malone because they played in tiny Salt Lake City. They were good and won a lot of games. Same can be said for Clyde Drexler in Portland. Reggie Miller played 18 years with the club and I think 80 year-old grandmothers know who he is. Face it, todays players are just lazy. Ya get drafted by the Griz, go to Memphis and bust your butt to make ‘em good. Same for the Pacers, Bucks, Wolves, Thunder etc. etc. Don’t cry about wanting to be in a “big market” so you’ll be known, JUST WIN and you’ll be known its as simple as that.

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