Trade Rumor: Bird Reportedly Targeting Derrick Williams, Offering Roy Hibbert for the #2 Pick

UPDATE: And … this one is already dead. Larry Bird just said he has no interest in trading Roy Hibbert. “We’re not doing that …. Roy is one of our core guys,” said Bird on the rumor, according to Jeff Rabjohns.

It’s draft week so you know what that means … lots of rumors that probably will never amount to anything. This one that Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting within a piece about Josh Smith being on the block is certainly a no-brainer for Indiana though: Roy Hibbert and the Pacers’ #15 pick this year to the Wolves for their #2 pick.

With an eye on drafting Arizona’s Derrick Williams, the Indiana Pacers have discussed a package including center Roy Hibbert and the 15th pick for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ second overall pick, league sources said. Nevertheless, the overture hasn’t gained traction in Minnesota.

Unless Larry Bird is including another substantial asset, I can’t believe that even David Kahn would consider this anymore than the equally implausible rumor thrown around last month that he reportedly all but laughed at.

But anything that gets Derrick Williams — a young, athletic, foundational piece that any team can use as a franchise cornerstone — is something Pacers fans should be at least excited about.

They have about 56 hours to work something out.

If only Kevin McHale was still running the show in Minneapolis.

Larry Bird is reportedly targeting the kid many expect to be the best NBA player in this year’s draft.

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  • Tad

    Why is Roy Hibbert untouchable? He was inconsistent at best and shrunk from the competition in four of the five playoff games against Chicago. Do we really want to build around this guy? Larry Bird is making me more uncomfortable by the day. For instance, where are the coaching interviews for the next Pacers head coach? I’m worried that bringing back Bird was a bad decision that we’re going to regret.

  • JV

    @Tad, I think everyone has pretty much assumed all along that this is Vogel’s job. They did just interview Brian Shaw to be the assistant.

  • Tad

    If it’s Frank Vogel’s job, why wait? Doesn’t it at least give you a little concern that nobody else had Vogel on their short list of coaches to interview? This wait makes no sense, especially since we didn’t try to interview Dwayne Casey after the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Finals. If this is simply a move to save money I don’t like it at all.

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