Pacers Trade Rumor: Danny Granger for the #2 Pick, Ricky Rubio and Michael Beasley

Here’s a trade rumor likely to set the Pacers world ablaze, courtesy of Sam Amico of Fox Sports.

Pacers are ones making seriously play for No. 2. Granger is being mentioned. So are Rubio and Beasley. Again, more later on FOX.

That should get people talking.

Royce Young of CBS’ Eye on Basketball, for instance:

According to a tweet from Sam Amico of Fox Sports, the Pacers are “making a seriously play” for the No. 2 pick. By “serious,” the word is that Danny Granger is part of a proposed deal along with Ricky Rubio and Michael Beasley.

In other words, wow, that would be a pretty major deal.

It’s all talk at this point, but maybe there’s a bit of fire to go with this smoke. Granger has been rumored to be on and off the trade block in Indiana a couple times in the past year and with Derrick Williams from Arizona being the likely prize at No. 2, Larry Bird is willing to trade his franchise player for a shot at a new one.

According to a tweet from Mike Wells, however, it seems as though a hypothetical deal — as it was presented by Amico anyway — is unlikely.

Kahn via text on the Minny/Indy rumor: “You mean we don’t have to give them (Kevin) Love too?”

This doesn’t mean the Danny for #2 still isn’t being discussed but it certainly does make it seem that Kahn is not interested in giving up that much for the Pacers best player.

More to come, I’m sure.

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  • Zeiram

    Seems highly improbable, two big names (names not players mind you) and the #2 for a player not regarded as a franchise player? I could only see Minny biting on this if Collison is involved. But would you do that? (I would but I am a Euro and a sucker for Rubios potential).

  • Brandon

    I don’t know where you got Derrick Williams as all I’ve heard the Pacers would move up and pick Kanter not Williams.

  • Frank

    Man I wish this rumor were true…

  • Nathaniel

    I don’t see the value. The pacers would get an unproven pg who wants to play in a large market and is willing to stay in Europe until he gets the opportunity, a decent PF with character issues, and the number two in a weak draft for Granger? This doesn’t seem to be what the Pacers need. Granger might not be a franchise player, but he can be a number two, and none of the returns would even be a number two.

  • Michael

    Brandon – Agreed. I think Kanter is the pick for the Pacers if they get the pick. Beasely is a good player. Great athlete. (something we’ve been missing for a long time before PG) A solid guy to bring to the team. Some offcourt issues is a little worrisome though. Rubio is a total wildcard. Unless you’re sure he’s coming to play, why would you trade for him? Hard to imagine “Rubio” on the back of a Pacers jersey.

  • David

    I’ve heard (from a friend, not from some Rubio camp source) that Rubio has said before that Indiana would be a place he would come overseas to play. Beasley is a 3, not a 4, and would replace 25 ppg (Danny’s) with 20 ppg (his avg at Minn). Rubio would become your starting PG with Collison becoming either a trade piece (sadly) or the best backup point guard in the league (would rather have this). Rubio, George, and Beasley in your backcourt. Not a bad combination. Now, the question would become: Do you take Kanter and turn him into a 4 or stack him with Hibbert at the 5? OR do you take D Williams and just have another 3-4 tweener (like Beasley)?

    I joked with my friend, that you take D Williams. Then, using Hans and Hibbert as bait, you figure out a way to steal Al Horford from ATL. Thus the final transformation from Pacer basketball to Hawk basketball (where the 2,3, and 4 are all ‘versatile swingmen’ instead of set pieces). But as he pointed out before this remark, you have zero guys stretching the court unless George gets a legit three point shot in the offseason. Oh, and defense is a zero priority. Oops.

  • Trevor Rivera

    I think this trade will work because the Wolves want a veteran player and they will get it with Granger. They will also make the trade because they can keep Kevin Love to play along with Granger. Besides they can get any worse than last year by making this trade.

    Pg- Collison, Rubio, Price
    Sg- George, Rush, Jones
    Sf- Williams
    Pf- Beasley, Hansbrough
    C- Hibbert

  • Marek

    I’ve been Pacers fan ever since I started watching bball and I always will be for the rest of my life… But since Larry join in I’ve been disappointed because it seems that the moment we start to look like we might be heading somewhere after years some thing goes wrong! Why do we wanna trade Danny for Christ’s sake!!!??? The problem is that I can not recall a single succesfull trade made by the Pacers and even when good player arrived he was already way past his best…(Chris Mullin, B. Roy, J. Posey, B. Scott they all arrived after their productive NBA years, or S.Jackson, R.ARtest proved to be more trouble than boost for the team even though I believe we would’ve won the title that season if we could behave a little in already won game in Detroit…. Now they wanna trade Granger for no. 2 draft pick + Beasley, see again I consider Beaslley as a talented player but he had a shocking season and looking to the history (not long ago) I start to think that he’ll never recover from whatever caused from future star one of the top draft picks to the bench where I expected him to be a go-to guy.. And btw I doubt they’d give us 2 promising talents for one even if it’s Danny- don’t think so….Like when we drafted B. Rush – what for? did we need S.Kerr to get in or that kind of player. Especially when he came out of Kansas The Champs and every game was on tv everyone could clearly get the picture. I don’t think he’s a bad player- he can shoot from behind the arc like only few others but that’s it. And it always will be like that -0improovement since he turned pro… Couldn’t we see that?? ANd on the top of everithing we finally got rid of O’brian and Vogel has an icreadible ,way above expected season so we are looking for another O’Brian?! C’mon Brown? Adelman doesn’t look to be a bad choise but why don’t we give a chance to someone who is here already and who has done so great previous season?!!! I’worried I wan’t Pacers to be the team we were who I looked forward to see every single game but we’ll probably destroy it before we even create any competive team…. Hope all that’ll turn out to be the best choise, hope I’m wrong , but I’ve seen it before…GO PACERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love yáll

  • johnstyx

    I would love to have Williams in the team but trading Granger doesnt make sense. We are already 80 to 90% of building up the team. Just need to run for those free agents and the team is complete….and can compete.

    Trading Granger means will be backed to square one….and another rebuilding process will begin.

  • Brandon

    Collision/Insert Whoever/George/Kanter/Hibbert would be a nice 5 as also we could have major cap to get a impact SG.

  • Brad

    Pacers have a good team and just needs a starting pf who plays all out on every play. trade down to #20- #23 pick to get Kenneth Faried. Resign Josh and Jeff to a 2 yr hometown discount of 2.5 – 4 million a season. Save money this year and hire Rick Adelman or Mike Brown and keep Frank V on the coaching staff. Then try to go after Dwight and D Williams next yr.

  • Brad

    The Pacers are one player away from being one of the top teams in the NBA. That person is a 20/10 guy at the pf slot. If the Pacers want to win at all cost give up 1st rd draft pick and James Posey for Al Jefferson or David West.

  • johnstyx

    Yes…it’s just 1 player away….another go to guy.
    Make use of that cap space and find him.

  • Joe

    I don’t like this deal.

    I don’t like Beasley. I don’t see the need to pick up a wild card in Rubio when you have Collison in the fold, and I don’t see real value at the high end of this draft.

    I would not do this deal.

  • Someone with common sense


    If you think D-Will or Howard would sign a contract to play in Indiana, can I have the drugs you’re on?

  • Ian2

    So much love for Danny here. I have always liked him and I think Pacers fans have a fondness for him because he never asked out no matter how bad things were.

    But he’s been in decline for the last two years and is 28. I would totally do this trade.

    But I think its clear Minny doesn’t like it and I don’t blame them. I’m not sure why they would do it. Danny + Kevin Love isn’t going to take them to the playoffs in the West, not even close.

  • Jacob V.

    I think Granger should be considered in any potential deal, but not for this deal. He’s not the scorer he was. I think Vogel is either going to be the coach here or he’ll be somewhere else. This is a terribly weak draft, so a trade or FA signing is the way to get a difference maker in here. If Granger was that player, we wouldn’t have thrown 3 games away in the 4th quarter against the Bulls.

  • Fan

    Danny hasn’t been in a two year decline… the team has stepped up around him. I have a very very very hard time believing that Bird would trade Granger at this point. I think it is clear that Bird and Granger struck up a deal, man to man, about rebuilding the Pacers. Danny stuck it out with us, so we can’t go trade him now. When Simon decided to keep Bird on, Simon decided to keep Granger on.

    Plus, Danny isn’t used to playing with a team full of capable players. His role has been adjusting throughout the last two seasons as the team has adjusted, so he needs to figure out how to maximize his talent on this new team.

    I don’t think we are gonna go buy a finisher in free agency. I believe our best bet is Granger learning how to finish, and if Danny doesn’t step it up all the way then PG will be our next best bet. Seems like it wasn’t until Vogel showed up that such an emphasis was placed on putting the ball on the floor and finishing at the rim. Danny will learn… and I am looking forward to seeing him dominate!

    REALLY excited that Bird wants the best bench in the league. Find a role for all these guys.

  • Nathan

    This won’t happen. Maybe, just maybe the trade would happen if you take out Beasley. Granger for Rubio and the number 2 pick. That would be good for the pacers. Then you take D-Will with the pick. Yes D-Will will sign in Indiana they have money. LeBron did in Cleveland. Then you take Marshon Brooks with the 15 pick. And you still have cap space. Sign Carl Landry the Indiana native. He is 2nd to David West and is looking for a new place to play. Then you have:
    PG – Collison/Rubio
    C-Hibbert (and possibly the 2nd round draft pick or McRoberts or Foster)
    Its a bit of a stretch but it would be awesome!

  • Ty

    Why does everyone keep forgetting how soft the Pacers are down low? I would seriously consider JuJuan Johnson. He’s got size, athleticism, he defends, and enough bball IQ to start right away. He’s got enough of a post game to be a threat down low, and a great mid range jumper. You have to give Hibbert help down low, otherwise, we wear him down twice as fast. (i.e. Jermaine O’neal) Also, he’s an Indiana guy, which would help boost sales!

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  • Aaron

    Dumbest trade rumor ever, the Wolves would never have traded Rubio by himself for Granger, where the heck do people get this stupid stuff