Here's a Picture. Do With It What You Will.

In the midst of all my (largely futile) research on the NBA Collective Bargaining agreement and general finances, I compiled a lot of data.  Part of that was capturing all of the player salary information for the Indiana Pacers that had available.

Still working on what to do with the info I have – and how to fill the holes of what I don’t have -but I thought following visual of Pacer Annual Player Salaries was interesting.

Over this time frame, this shows that the Pacers have paid out about a billion dollars in salaries.  The lowest year (1986) was less than $4 million, while the peak (2006) was almost $78 million.  Last year’s payroll represented over a 1600% increase over the 1986 numbers.   (The median family income during that time increased by about 70%.)

So, now you know that.

Yeah, didn’t do me much good, either.

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  • boombaby

    What happened between ’96 and ’97? Was that when Reggie signed a new contract?

    And is the growth from 2004-2006 due to JO’s new contract?

  • Bill Sutton

    Any way to normalize that to either $ value or (probably better) league average salaries?

  • Chris D.

    How could the 86 team only be $4MM? That’s crazy. Assuming this means the 86-87 roster, we’re still talking about Kellogg, Tisdale, Fleming, Herb Williams, and the Rifleman. Only $4MM? You gotta show us the individual salaries.

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