Vogel: If We Win Tonight, We'll Win the Series

Pacers (still) interim coach Frank Vogel is bold, foolhardy, delusional or on drugs depending who you ask. But you can’t say he doesn’t have some stones.

According to the Chicago Bulls, Vogel thinks the Pacers will advance to the second round if they can win Game 5.

“We feel like if we win this game tonight, we’ll win the series.”

Perhaps it’s just me, but I probably wouldn’t have said that if I had to play against Derrick Rose even if he had a hurt ankle — or an amputated leg.

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  • Chris D.

    I call bullsh!t on that unless they can verify when/where he said it? Regardless, we know they don’t want to go back to the Fieldhouse for a game 6.

  • http://www.eightpointsnineseconds.com Tim Donahue

    Both Conrad Brunner and Mike Wells reported it. He probably said it to the press pool.

  • Glenn L.

    Maybe he shouldn’t be antagonizing the opposition like that, but you’ve got to love what a story like this says about the team’s confidence.

  • No More Interim

    I love this. He didn’t guarantee anything or say anything bad about the Bulls. All he did was say what him and his team are feeling. I love the confidence he brings to this team and I only hope that Bird and Herb seriously consider him for the full time job!

    GO PACERS!!!

  • http://www.eightpointsnineseconds.com Ronald Eugene

    In hind sight, the Bulls should have tried to prove Vogel wrong by allowing the Pacers to win Game 5 then beating them later to close out the series.