Other People's Words: Holly MacKenzie on Paul George Coming Up Big

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One of the best things about this Pacers-Bulls series is the emergence of rookie Paul George.  He’s got a long way to go offensively, but I don’t hesitate at all in saying that the Pacers would not have been anywhere near as competitive without the way George has filled his role in the team’s defense of Derrick Rose.

We aren’t the only ones who have noticed, and with this edition of Other People’s Words, I give you Holly MacKenzie’s take:

Under the brightest lights that the NBA has to offer, George has stood out. Not an easy thing to do when you’re on the same floor as Derrick Rose. Guarding Rose is as tough a job as any in the NBA, but George has been playing the part using his length to try and rattle the point guard. While Rose has had the last laugh in all three meetings, it’s been fun to watch George step up to the challenge of guarding Rose with the same intensity that he puts into sprinting out on the fast break to receive an outlet pass and energize the crowd with a dunk. George has been fearless in these playoffs, and for all of those who doubted his selection with the 10th pick in the draft, he’s not looking so bad out there, is he?

Please follow this link to read the rest.  It’s well worth your time.

Holly writes for myriad NBA outlets, including The Basketball Jones, and can be followed on Twitter as @stackmack.  An absolute must read for her intelligent, infectious writing.

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