Hey Pacers Fans, There Are Still Tickets Available for Game 3. Buy Em Before the Bulls Fans Do.

The Pacers finished dead last in attendance this year. The Bulls were first. I totally understand why some of you living in Indiana (I’m in New York) would prefer to watch this team for free from your own couch rather than pay your hard-earned money to watch sloppy play from a bunch of guys that you have barely heard of. Hell, I could even understand why, despite your Hoosier roots and obvious genetic affinity for the sport of basketball, you didn’t even bother to watch at all.

Things have, at times, been very ugly.

But this team has played its heart out for the past two games in front of a deafening, capacity crowd in Chicago. So now it would only be right for basketball fans to return the favor and go yell their hearts out for these guys on Thursday. (Buy tickets here.)

Mike Wells articulated the reasons why:

The [United Center] was rocking so loud that I had a difficult time talking to Bob Kravitz (that’s actually not a bad thing), who was sitting right next to me, at times.

Now it’s time for Pacers fans to return the favor.

There’s no reason why Conseco Fieldhouse shouldn’t be full of fans wearing blue and gold, not red and black, and definitely not empty green chairs for Games 3 and 4 on Thursday and Saturday, respectively.

The Pacers showed that they can compete with the team with the best record on its home court, now it’s up to the fans to support them at the fieldhouse.

The Pacers are expecting it.

Fortunately, there are still seats available. Perhaps even up to 2,000 still, according to Jeff Rabjohns of the Indianapolis Star, who reported that the “Pacers said this morning about 2,000 tickets remain for Games 3, 4, and they continue to move; team expecting sellouts for both games.”

So get your tickets before some stupid Bulls fans do. Those class acts were reportedly throwing things at Pacers fans who made the trek to the United Center. By no means consider repaying that favor, but do get your seats and throw your support behind a team that has, over the past 96 minutes, proven it deserves it.

For a while now, it has been easy to blame the attendance problems in Indianapolis on the team.

But at some point, it’s on the city if that building isn’t full of blue and gold on Thursday.

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  • Zack

    So this only relates to the 2nd sentence in this whole article… but does anyone know where a good place to watch the Pacers in NYC is? A lot of teams have “their own bar” out here and I would love to learn if there was one for us displaced Hoosiers.

  • Chris D.

    Indy fans have gotten so spoiled by the Colts. But, I hope they sell out with blue and gold. There’s still a great core of fans there.

  • Dave

    love the photo! hysterical!

  • http://fatshawnkemp.com FatShawnKemp

    The worst thing I’ve ever seen at Conseco was a man at a Pacers/Lakers game in a Colts jersey rooting for the Lakers and chanting “MVP” for Kobe Bryant. If I wasn’t living in California now I’d be at the Bulls game!

  • Manfred James

    I’ll be at game #3.

    I once sat behind a fat guy at a Pacers/ Pistons game who stood in front of me & my girlfriend throughout the whole contest blocking the view and shouting “Det-roit Basket-ball!”

  • LP

    If I didn’t have 2.5 weeks of finals starting on Thursday then I would be there, and I would lose my voice before halftime. I was there for Vogel’s first game as head coach against Toronto in the middle of the ice storm w/ the other 100 fans. And I would be there on Thursday, but I gotta finish school to get a job, so i can afford the tickets for 2012, 2013, and 2014 championship series against OKC, LAC, and OKC respectively.

  • drose313

    lol… yeah. “stupid” bulls fans. at least we don’t suck. go bulls. might wanna bring some earplugs next time you come to the madhouse pussies! maybe a paper bag too.