Game #64 Recap - I Got Nothin'

The numbers speak for themselves.

24-of-81 from the floor (30%)

17 Turnovers

Outrebounded 66-46

Danny Granger, Darren Collison, and Roy Hibbert combine for 13 points on 3-for-30 shooting

Finally, 101-75.

All of this against a team that entered the game 10-23 on their home floor and allowing almost 111 points per 100 possessions – 26th in the league.

Tips of the cap should be given to Kevin Love for his double double streak, and Tyler Hansbrough for his 21 and 10.

Beyond that…

It is quite simply impossible to even think about this type of performance without going far beyond basketball.  It as if Alex Yovanovich’s piece earlier today (Soft) was ridiculously optimistic.  This is something that I could not even see coming.

Forget the playoffs.  Forget the youth.  Something is profoundly broken here.  When speaking to Alex after the game, we were reaching far back into our pre-Reggie memories to try to come up with a comparable debacle.  There have been bigger final margins, but man, I can’t think of bigger embarrassments at the moment.

I have plenty of questions.

Why have they collapsed so badly?  What is happening in the locker room?  What is wrong with Danny Granger?  What is wrong with Darren Collison?  Is Frank Vogel (or any coach) equipped to handle this?  When will the next win come?

As for answers…

I got nothin’.

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  • Ian

    this is why i seriously hope kevin pritchard is hired for GM/president after this season…i trust his assessment of EVERY player for our future, because i have serious questions about roy, danny, darren, hell every player on our roster and wonder whether they should be on our roster next year…

  • thejoshbaker

    Never thought I’d get to the point where I thought this, but blow it up. Blow it all up.

  • @Pacers_Chants

    The thing of it is, like Tim said, can Coach Vogel steer the ship or is he in over his head? You know, I’ve met the guy, I have nothing against him, he seems alright, but his qualification was basically, “Eh, somebody has to coach.”

    The players can’t police themselves. We already know this. There’s no hierarchy of voices. There’s no informal “leadership council” like some teams have. Danny doesn’t have the personality. So many of the guys are young, and most have never played for a winning team.

    That means it’s on the coach, and Vogel doesn’t seem to have control. We’re coming more and more unglued every game. There’s no mental focus. There’s no committment to defense. The offense is random and selfish. There’s no strategy, no purpose, no plan, on either end of the court.

    It’s alarming.

    The Pacers won easy games on the schedule. Vogel focused on offense and let go of the reigns on defense a little bit, and now he can’t go back.

    Say what you will about Jim O’Brien (and I will continue to maintain he should’ve coached the whole season), but the effort during his tenure couldn’t really be questioned, even if his decisions were.

    Guys have played hard all season. They busted it to O’Brien’s very last game. With the Houston game, the Philly loss, and the Minny debacle, for the first time, I question the effort. Seriously question it.

    And that’s when you enter the scary and maddening zone of having to ask questions for which there are no right answers.

  • Tim Donahue

    I want to echo Mike Wells when he says this is all on the players. It is fair to question whether Frank Vogel can deal with this issue, but if the problems are running as deep as the hyper-paranoid knee jerk reactionary in my head is screaming they are, then there aren’t a lot of coaches who could.

    I will repeat again that while I did not, and still do not believe that O’Brien was the root of this teams problems, he was a problem – or at the very least, not a part of the solution. So, this is not, IMO, O’Brien vs. Vogel, and therefore it is not all going to be OK if we hire Mike Brown/Mike Woodson/Jeff Van Gundy/Whoopi Goldberg as the next coach.

    After December, I did not trust this team. During the post-O’Brien resurgence, I did not trust this team. When things started to look shaky at Detroit and in the losses at home to Utah and Phoenix, I thought they might possibly disappoint. Some of that was the loss of Dunleavy, and some of that was just gut.

    But I never, ever pictured anything like this. Whatever the hell “this” is.

  • Jared Wade

    Whoopi’s available? Her or Sloan should be the obvious targets.

  • Tim Donahue

    My vote is for Al Swearengen

  • Nathan

    Someone needs to call out Danny Granger. Either Larry Bird or Herb Simon. This team needs a leader and Danny is suppose to be that guy. He’s called “the Captain” in the introductions. “The Captain” should be a leader on and off the court. “The Captain” would not let his team play like they did at the T-Wolves. “the Captain” would be in control of the locker room. “The Captain” would not take so many bad shots that hurt his team. “The Captian” must be the Captain for the first time in his six years.

  • Justin

    cant remember the last time i saw a preformance like this…dont understand how this team goes from a competitive squad to a joke of a team…the east is practically handing out the 8th spot!

  • @Pacers_Chants

    @Tim — Agree, O’Brien and Vogel face the same general problem in that the team just isn’t very good. My comment above (I should’ve clarified this) was relative to the void of leadership and not to a broader assessment of responsibility for the 9 losses out of the last 12 games.

    But while, no, this is hardly all Vogel’s fault, consider what a buddy texted during the game, “Vogel’s not a real coach.”

    Sounds harsh, and you may agree or disagree, but Frank has no track record, and we’ve had five losses in a row with the same problems occurring over and over. So, to some smaller or larger fault, either the coach isn’t diagnosing them correctly or (more likely) has been unable to induce their correction.

    Someone’s got to stop the selfish play. That goes not to talent but to leadership. We don’t have a Kevin Garnett. So the voice and direction from the coach, IMO, seems crucial.

  • Tim Donahue

    Yes, it does have to come from the coach, but as I said somewhere that I can’t remember at the moment, without a leader in the locker room, eventually the coach will be doomed to be either a dictator or a doormat.

    As to Vogel, it’s my sense that he’s not a real coach, YET. Seems bright enough, and, with the exception of the complaints lodged by my brother the other day, he’s done OK with solidifying the rotations and being more communicative with the players. Nothing says that he couldn’t be a good coach in time.

    That being said, barring a significant change over the final month, he won’t (and shouldn’t) be back next year. There will be better candidates out there – but they won’t completely address the issue.