Pacers Ran the 1998 All-Star Game

Compared to the six seven combined players that the Celtics and Heat sent to LA this year, only having two guys might not seem like many. But they also had Bird, Carlisle and that guy who the photographer didn’t even notice behind Shawn Kemp. (via So What?)

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  • NBA Fan

    First of all, the Celtics and Heat sent a combined 7 players to the ASG. Secondly, the coach brings his coaching staff.. hence why Bird brought Carlisle and the other coaches. So really, you sent two players and a coach.

  • Michael

    What’s your point NBA Fan?

  • Travis

    How ya not gonna give Dick Harter any love?

  • Jared Wade

    Travis … Because I’m really, really dumb and was staring at him for like 30 seconds trying to remember his name this morning while hungover but couldn’t.

  • NBA Fan

    Nothing, Michael. Just wanted to point out an error.

    Cool picture