The Pacers (UPDATE: DIDN'T) Trade for OJ Mayo

That’s what Mike Wells and Chad Ford are reporting on Twitter. According to Wells, the deal is

J-Mac and a 1st round pick to Memphis for Mayo.

Both teams are over the cap so that alone wouldn’t work salary-wise. I suppose the Pacers can throw in $3 million and make it work? Or am I just making that up? I dunno. I really, really, really like OJ Mayo’s game and have been wishing the Pacers would trade for him ever since he started to lose minutes in Memphis. The emergence of Paul George means the scoring, good-shooting, two-way two guard need is drastically lower for Indiana than I thought just one short month ago, but you can never have too many good wing players on good contracts. OJ has one year left on his deal for a paltry $5.5 million. A core of Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, OJ Mayo, Darren Collison, Paul George and Tyler Hansbrough? Yeah … that’ll work for now.

UPDATE: OK … trade might be off.

Says Wells:

Hold off on J-Mac to Memphis deal. Word is the two teams may have missed the 3 p.m. deadline.

That Central Timezone thing gets me every time, too.

UPDATE II: Deal is definitely off.

Says Wells:

No deal between Pacers and Grizzlies. Deal was in place, but Grizzlies pulled out at the last minute, according to a source.

Ken Berger confirms

O.J. Mayo stays in Memphis. Grizzlies and Pacers couldn’t come to agreement before deadline, source says.

Again … oh well. More minutes for Paul George. At least Twitter makes the trade deadline more exciting than it has any right to be.

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  • Ian

    rumor that they may have missed the deadline. if they did…i might just cry

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  • Kalvis

    I hope the trade is dead. I love McBob’s game, he’s fun to watch and McBrough can be a really good PF in the coming years.

    I can understand people liking Mayo’s game, he’s a great talent. But he’s also a locker room problem. We just spent years cleaning up after the brawl, we don’t need a guy who will get into fights on the team plane over gambling debts.

  • peter

    The Pacers needed to make trades to get better, but this wouldn’t have been one of them. Mayo is a scorer who doesn’t get to the line all that much and shoots too many 3s. Plus, the Pacers still have problems with turning the ball over, so rebounding is essential to offset the lost possessions. Losing Mcbob to complement Foster, Hansbrough, and Hibbert would revert the Pacer’s current rebounding success back to the level under JOB when he used small 4s at PF. In my opinion, it is the steady dose of this quartet since the coaching change that has turned this team around. In all of the wins under Vogel except last night the Pacers have not been out rebounded. One position they should have looked at was backup center. Foster is rebounding well and is healthy, but you never know about his health and his contract ends after the season.

  • chris

    what are the pacers bigwigs doing? we needed to get rid of ford and dunleavy instead of trying to trade a young talented and small contract like Mcbob.while everybody in the east is stocking up on allstars…the pacers r trying to buyout player contracts (tj ford) and giving a guy who wont be here next year(dunleavy) more minutes than future pacer paul george. if we make the playoffs we wont leave the first round. booooo pacers…if nothing goes down next year as far as bringing in talent or an allstar im done with the pacers and im sure what little fans base they have been gone as well. sorry larry but you havent done anything to help the team so i think its time up pack it up and go shoot free throws on ur farm.

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