Two Guys Say Solomon Jones Is One of the Worst 18 Players in The NBA

In today’s The Works (the best recurring NBA column there is), Bethlehem Shoals and Eric Freeman attempt to name the worst players in the NBA. Surprisingly, in the sense that I’m surprised the would remember he exists, they included the Solomon Jones.

13. Solomon Jones, Indiana Pacers (BS)

BS: I kind of used to think he was going to be good. He was for a quarter in 2007.

It was a wonderful moment.

Not quite as brutal as the Sheldon Williams entry, but not altogether off base either.

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  • Ian Levy

    I got to attend the game in Portland and he was so much worse in person. He played exactly 3 minutes and 40 seconds in the 4th quarter and the Trailblazers took their lead from 1 point to 8 points over that stretch. Batum hit 3 three pointers over that stretch and every single one was because Solomon Jones completely overreacted to a screen and roll. Batum’s man would have to come down and cover Aldridge because Jones had completely left him. The Blazers would calmly swing the ball to Batum who was wide open. The game shouldn’t have even been that close (The Pacers were up 14 in the first half) but it was over as soon as Jones stepped on the floor.

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