Game #40 Recap - Again

The Pacers started strong – again.

The Pacers let a sizable second quarter lead dwindle – again.

The Pacers’ offense deserted them in the third quarter – again.

The Pacers’ defense deserted them in the fourth quarter – again.

Roy Hibbert scored early, but still played like someone who doesn’t believe they belong out there – missing five of his last six shots – and finishing a non-factor – again.

Danny Granger put up great numbers (24-points on 9-of-15 shooting), but disappeared in the fourth (1-of-4, 2 TO’s) – again.

Brandon Rush was a complete non-entity – again.

Jim O’Brien flailed around looking for a lineup – again.

The opponent (Portland) was shorthanded – missing Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby, and Andre Miller – but had others step up, while Pacer key players stepped back – again.

The Pacers lose – again.

Again and again and again and again.

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  • flox

    Blame it on the Youth, Blame it on the Coach, Blame on Vets.

    Jesus, just blame it on everyone. This team is too young, We shouldn’t expect anything less. If Bird wants us to win now- he has to make a move- and I would prefer more talent over a new coach.

  • Ian

    as much as i like danny i just don’t see any intensity in his game. he’s pretty much the leader of this team (in terms of talent + experience) and i’d like to see him get a bit more angry rather than just pout on the court

    that said, the inconsistancies of JOB’s rotations to me make no sense. i don’t get why posey was in the game late, he’s a terrible defender and not nearly good enough on offense to justify this. rush too, for that matter