Josh McRoberts Can't Dunk

It’s highly likely that no human being has seen White Men Can’t Jump more times than I have — no matter what lies @TalkHoops tries to tell you. So when I first heard that Josh McRoberts and Brandon Rush were doing a parody of the best sports movie of all time in hopes to get Josh into the dunk contest, I nearly peed a little.

And while the below video is great for the costumes alone (not to mention the performance of Seagull as Seagull), I am curious as to why they chose one of the most boring scenes in the movie. Where’s the King and the Duck? Where’s Walter? Or why not do the “Let me pump you up” scene where Billy loses his winnings from the Two-on-Two for Brotherhood Basketball Tournament (also known as the TTBBT)?

Great work on the outfits, the opening song, Seagull and the fonts for the credits, guys, but I hope there is more in store. And if you can get Stacey Paetz on Jeopardy!, that might make me happier than an NBA title.

“What is a quince?” (video via Dime)

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  • mike green

    How can we get Josh McRoberts in the Dunk Contest in 2011? I love the parody. I live in Indianapolis and I am a Pacers fan through and through. What can the fans do to help?

  • Kalvis

    I was hoping for him to actually dunk :(

  • Jamie

    I think this video was a funny idea and I hope Josh gets into the contest, particularly since he isn’t playing anymore. But, this video was pretty disappointing.