Pacers Beat Dirkless Mavs

That’s two in a row, folks. Sure, no Dirk but it doesn’t even matter.

Indy beat Dallas 102-89 and has now looked pretty good in three out of the past four games, aside from stretches of futility during that miserable 1-for-15 shooting fourth quarter against the Spurs and the whole game versus the Hawks. I don’t even mind the Hawks thing so much considering how badly they always play against ATL. Expecting them to beat the Hawks at this point is like expecting a blind-folded guy with his arms tied behind his back to win a duel against a firing squad.

As for tonight, I missed the first half and have one more day of being uber-busy in real life before I can really give you some good analysis on anything, but I just wanted to at least chirp in something about how good they looked.

A Paul George career game is worth celebrating. Darren Collison again getting it done to the tune of 17 points on 9 shots is very encouraging. Roy Hibbert showing some signs of life, playing some nice D and once again reboudning didn’t was not cringe-inducing for the first time in a while.Jeff Foster offensive rebouding all over was sublime. And Brandon Rush just taking 16 shots, let alone scoring 20 points, are both very good things.

Most importantly, they shot 44.6% from the floor as a team. And they only turned it over 7 times. Those things are not all that hard for an NBA team and it really says something about how consistent this defense has become that playing that way is enough to get it down convincingly against such an elite squad. (No Dirk … I know.)

This comes on the heels of 51.1% shooing/12 turnover showing against Philly last night. Make some shots, take care of the ball and play some D. It’s not a very complex sport.

Overall, tonight was just a really high-quality win, and the team should now have enough confidence to have a good shot to knock off the Bulls in Conseco on Friday — particularly since Chicago has a huge game to look forward to against Miami at home on Saturday night.

16-20 isn’t something to hang on the fridge, but it sure does feel like these guys are back on the right track.

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