A Lot of Sensible People Don't Think Roy Hibbert and Danny Granger Should Be All-Stars

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  • poopootrain

    Chris Celtics? Really?

  • http://adshonorem.blogspot.com Jesse

    It’s obvious Bosh.

    The biggest question is still: who the hell starts for the West at center?

  • Ben R

    Center for the West seems like it should be someone like Tyson Chandler for the Mavs or Al Jefferson for the Jazz.

  • regred

    voting is always ridiculous. so unfair. lets get a winning record for the second half come on!

  • peter

    The All-Star Game and the other festivities surrounding the event have become meaningless, dull, and boring. It has an infomercial feel to it. Besides, Yao Ming? Please spare me.