FREE TICKET CONTEST: Win Two Free Tickets to See the Pacers Play the Lakers on Wednesday

Kobe Bryant is getting old. That, combined with the fact that he only makes one trip to Conseco Fieldhouse per year, means that NBA fans in the Hoosier State are running out of opportunities to see one of the best to ever lace ‘em up play in person. Adding to the intrigue of the Lakers/Pacers game on Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST is the fact that the Pacers beat Kobe’s team in Los Angeles just two weeks ago.

8 Points, 9 Seconds really wants you to go watch this game. And to make sure that happens, we’re even going to give one lucky fan two free tickets (Section 209, Row 2).

All you need to do to win is tell me which former Pacer/Laker great you like better: Byron Scott or Sam Perkins.

I like both players a ton, so I’m honestly not even sure who I would chose. But tell us you pick along with give a brief reason why in the comments section below, and I’ll pick a lucky winner by tomorrow at noon. Be sure to leave a real email address (only I can see it if you enter it in the comment form) along with your response and check your inbox by noon tomorrow or I won’t be able to get the tickets to you.

Who ya got: Byron or Perk?


And the winner is …. Evan.

Congrats. We chose randomly, but Evan has told me he plans to take his young cousin who has never been to Conseco before, so I’m glad they will definitely be put to good use.

Thanks to everyone for the interest. Hopefully we will have some more tickets to hand out soon and this can become a more regular giveaway. Check back regularly for your chance to catch the Pacers for free.

Just based upon Sam’s grin in this photo, I think he has a slight lead for me. The blond agrees.

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  • Bryan

    Sam Perkins because it was awesome listening to the arena erupt into “smooooth” when he would nail a 3.

  • Alex

    I’ve got to go with Scott on this one. His playoff heroics were great; not only during the plays themselves, but because a future playoffs legend was lurking in the shadows. Reggie saw his poise and fearlessness and put those two qualities to great use in future playoffs. Especialy versus the Knicks.

  • Michael Foist

    Byron Scott for sure. He was a consistent threat from long range and he was no slouch with steals, either. He understood his role as a guard and could make plays when needed. Even in his final year he was an integral part of the Lakers when he could have costed behind the power of Shaq and Kobe.

  • Colin

    While Big Smooth was one of my all-time favorites for his solid performances and fantastic personality, the edge has to go to Bryon Scott. He hit what was, at the time, the most important shot in the NBA history of the Pacers when he knocked down a three to beat Orlando in game one of the first round of the 1994 NBA Playoffs. That leadership, on and off the court, gave the young Pacers the confidence to get over the hump and finally win a playoff series. By contrast, when Big Smooth arrived the Pacers were already seasoned veterans with almost as much playoff experience as he. Perkins was awesome, but was more of a contemporary to the older Pacers. Scott was a trailblazer.

  • Kenny

    I love Big Smooth. Byron Scott had one hell of a flat top, and he hit some monster threes for us back in the day, but Big Smooth is so goofy, it’s hard not to love him. It’s entirely possible it is because he was stoned all the time, but I’m not holding that against him.

  • Ashley James

    Byron Scott is the best Laker/Pacer of all time. His stint with the Lakers is highlighted by 3 championships. He was part of the 8 points in 9 seconds game which makes for the namesake of this blog. Hard to beat those creds.

  • Zach

    Byron Scott was definitely more valuable as a Pacer than Sam Perkins was but I love Perkins more. I’m also pretty sure James Posey is trying to imitate Sam Perkins final years with the Pacers, every time he shoots I want to “Smoooooth” it. However, the Smooth was, and Posey isn’t.

  • Jordan Clem

    Sam Perkins. He may not have been the quickest guy on the court but The Big Smooth had a deadly three for a big man. I may be mistaken here but I feel like he paved the way for big men who can play around the perimeter today. Not to mention JOB would kill for a player like Sam today.

  • Erik

    My reason is not because of their playing ability. I pick Sam Perkins.I pick him because my daughter and I sat behind him a few years ago and I had to explain to her who he was. She is normally a pretty shy girl, but we were having a such good time that she actually worked up the nerve to chase him up the stairs and ask him for an autograph. I think he was pretty busy with his security work, but was still gracious enough to chat with her and sign an autograph even though her first 2 questions were:
    1. Did you really play basketball, or is my dad tryin’ to trick me?
    2. Did you really go to college with Michael Jordan?

  • Ian

    it’s hard to argue against a 3 time NBA champion who also happens to have been a coach of the year, but look at sam perkins and his wonderfully cheesy smile. Just imagining all the possible things he’s laughing at in that picture (and the blonde’s “he isn’t right in the head” smile she’s got) makes me miss him almost as much as reggie.

    and only someone as goofy as “sleepy sam/big smooth” could possibly pull off a sweater that ugly, though i would love it tremendously if someone would photoshop that sweater onto this pic of byron scott

  • Sam Perkins

    Sam Perkins
    Cause of things like this:

  • Taylor C

    I like Sam Perkins better because whenever I look at Bryon Scott, I am reminded yet again of that terrible, terrible week I spent at sleepaway camp as a child, which has scarred me for life.

    Also Sam Perkins has a smile that reminds me of warm apple pie.

  • Collin McCoy

    Sam Perkins all the way, he had a great career in the NBA and some good years with the Pacers. When i was younger my dad always yelled big smooth when he hit a big 3, he was one of the first players i looked up to when i started watching NBA games. And what a smile!!!

  • David Dearing

    Byron Scott. I think bringing him in was a real benefit for the growth and maturity of Reggie. Reggie was able to work with a guy who had been to the top and knew what it took to win basketball games. Loved Big Smooth, but I still pick Byron in this one.

  • Eric


  • Randall Sager

    Perkins is a class act and a true pro.

  • Mike

    Byron Scott. Learned from Magic…helped Reggie become great…retired a champion (albeit in Greece)…took on big challenges as a coach (Nets, Hurricane Katrina-era Hornets, LeBron-less Cavs)…champions a great charitable cause (Byron Scott Children’s Fund). No offense to Big Smooth, but Byron is hard to one up.

  • Evan

    Definitely Sam Perkins. The guy is a true professional and always seemed to be so “chill”.

    One of my fav pacers for sure!

  • Tyler

    Without question, has to be Big Smooth!!

    I can still hear Reb belting out biiiggg smoooooootthhh!!

  • daniel

    i go sam perkins. he was the first big guy i could remember who could hit three’s like that. i love how his feet barely left the floor when he shot them. it was like watching someone shoot a free throw. hard to believe he only played for the pacers for a couple years.

  • Nathan

    Perkins, too young to enjoy Byron. Smooth had such style to him though. The cornrows, the flat jumper. Loved. Unrelated however, Mark Jackson was my favorite Pacer. Used to do the Jackson Jiggle back in recess incessantly.


    the pacers by 10 and we will have a game 7 thank you