The Greatest Pacers Fan

Sorry El Pacero, but this guy edges you out. (via JE Skeets)

UPDATE: As Tim points out in the comments, this is a guy named Rupert who was on Survivor a while back. He’s apparently popular but I’m not familiar with that realm of pop culture. Sick beard.

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  • imbtyler

    How are we sure this isn’t Pacero unmasked? Besides, threads make the man, and man, those threads are unacceptable, imo. Someone get this guy a Hansbrough jersey.

  • Andrew

    Give that man a Reggie jersey!

  • Tim Donahue

    Isn’t that the guy from Survivor? (the show, not the band).

  • Jared Wade

    Ahhhh … Yes it is, Timmy. There was a #Rupert hashtag on the tweet Skeeters sent out so I figured that was relevant. But never having seen Survivor, it didn’t mean anything to me.

    Good call.

  • Tim Donahue

    I’ve seen Survivor. (The band, not the show.)

    The guy’s from around here, and I think I was at one of the home games where they trotted him out.

  • boombaby

    Gotta love our “celebrity” fans, Rupert and Jared (from Subway).

  • Josh Dhani

    Lol. This guy came to my school in 6th grade to share his story with our class. Haha.

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