It’s the type of thing that makes you lose your appetite for the Holidays.  Just sickening.  I guess those who follow the Indiana Pacers should be inured to this type of thing by now.  Another opportunity responded to with another 4th Quarter debacle – allowing 33 points to an undermanned Cleveland Cavalier team, while bumbling and stumbling their way to only 17 points.

Looking to capitalize on an energizing victory over the Heat, the Pacers delivered an enervating performance in the final stanza last night – at both ends of the floor.  The offense was atrocious, shooting only 39% and committing as many turnovers (5) as assists.  The defense was worse.

Ugh.  It makes me ill to even think about it.   The Cavaliers hit 13-of-24 (54%) of their shots, pounded the Pacers on the boards, and dished out 6 assists with against no turnovers while facing the Pacers’ swiss cheese _efense.  The Cavs went small and to their bench in the fourth.  The Pacers were dominated by an odd mix-and-match Garanimals line up featuring Antawn Jamison, Jawad Williams, and Leon Powe up front, and Ramon Sessions and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson in the backcourt.

Indiana’s lineup was bizarre to say the least.  Roy Hibbert didn’t play at all, and Josh McRoberts spent the entire 12 minutes manning the center position.   Granger played about half of the quarter, as did Collison, but they weren’t on the floor at the same time (bringing up questions as to whether they can co-exist).  Rookie Paul George played half the quarter, despite only seeing action in one of the last six games.

It also seems relatively obvious that coach Jim O’Brien has lost the team.  He spent most of the 4th Quarter begging his team to play defense, but could instill no sense of urgency.  The players played as if the 4th quarter didn’t matter at all.  More ominously, Mike Wells tweeted that Roy Hibbert was not playing because of a “headache.”  Anybody who knows anything can only conclude that the relationship between Hibbert and his coach has reached the breaking point.

Though the 4th quarter sticks out like a sore thumb, it wasn’t the only sign of trouble.  The Pacers shot only 7-for-24 in the first quarter, jacking up 10 three pointers.  Also, the Cavs finished the 3rd with a 9-2 run, meaning the Pacers were outscored 42-19 over the final 15 minutes of the game.

The only reason that I can see not to just completely write this team off – and I’m grasping at the thinnest of straws here – is the fact that the Pacers outscored the Cavs 81-47 over the first 33 minutes of the game.

  • Tap Rudra

    Ok, so its early in the morning…. and I was totally like WHAA

    because i saw the score last night before i went to sleep and this morning was like, “come on, give them a break…i mean it was a back-to-back and they still WON, and I follow Roy’s twitter and I didnt think him and O’Brien had problems….and Collison/Granger co-existing? that’s the first i’ve heard of that trouble”.

    VERY nice.

  • elvin

    The only reason that I can see not to just completely write this team off – and I’m grasping at the thinnest of straws here – is the fact that the Pacers outscored the Cavs 81-47 over the first 33 minutes of the game.

    Yeah, a 34 point lead is sort of good thing, but only if you look at with the most positive outlook. Keep up the thoghtful analysis, Tim!

  • semko

    Wow really? Didnt the Pacers beat the Cavs last night. Last time i looked it was a blow out. I mean come on give the Pacers some props, look what their working with. They have a one time All-Star in Granger, and look what they did to the HEAT. People are saying thats a one time thing.

    I’ll say it now and the rest of the season, Pacers are making the playoffs. && are going to make it to the second round!!!

    Im just saying, dont go at my team like that. I’ll predict right now, Thunder & Lakers are both going to loose to us.

    & once they do, ill be back to see how many people jump on the banwagen.

    other than u trashing my team bro,

    i like what u have to say!

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  • outsidemid

    Okay, well lets check out thier winning record to start. I know it’s just barely but its only one game behind the O so famous Heat. Plus unless you haven’t checked recently the Pacers are 7th in points allowed so knocking on their defence really isn’t right and a problem with their boards…I don’t see it Hibbert is controling them when he’s in and just another stat but they are 5th in the league with boards per game.
    I know everyone has a right to their own opionion but you are trying to write them off on a game in which they won pretty handly. So I am not even going to break a sweat over this, especially since they are winning.

  • Joey

    Holy hell people! It’s a joke. You might want to read the entire article before you comment on it! Funny stuff, man. Keep up the good work.

  • Tap

    Lol can’t believe all the seriousness people keep taking this!

  • LazyAce

    I had to re-read it at first, was wondering if he watched the same game.. lol, lighten up folks, even says *just kidding* as an article tag.

  • Sean

    Pointless article. If it was supposed to be funny it really wasn’t. Just kinda confusing.

    On a lighter note, Eight Points, Nine Seconds is an awesome name for the blog!