Tyler Hansbrough Scores 19 in 19 Minutes

I figured I would break this out on its own since I didn’t want the good news of Tyler’s good game to get lost in the bad news of Danny’s bad ankle. Again, I didn’t watch any of the Pacers 101-98 win last night over the Hornets.

But sounds like Tyler is not only over his case of the dizzies — he’s ready to do work.

Hansbrough … scored 19 points in on 6-of-10 shooting and grabbed five rebounds in 19 minutes.”It helped my confidence, but once again, I’m still not satisfied,” said Hansbrough, who is competing for a spot in the rotation at power forward. “It’s going to take time, and I will do it in little chunks at a time. I’m glad to be back and be able to be myself and contribute to this basketball team.”

Mike Wells is reporting that Hands Bro dropped 11 of his 19 in a four-minute stretch during which he was being “guarded” by known-poor-basketball-players Joe Alexander and Aaron Gray, so let’s not start baking cakes and dropping confetti on the kid yet.

But considering the fact that most Pacers fans are happy just to see Tyler playing in an actual game, seeing him be uber-productive in the process should be delightful.

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