ESPN Showing No Love

ESPN continue to rip on our beloved Pacers. Well, not all the time, but I just wasn’t very happy in their rankings. They put the Indiana Pacers as the 27th best team in the NBA entering the 2010-11 season:

27. Indiana Pacers

The more things change: The Pacers added a potential star in Darren Collison, who put up big numbers while filling in for Chris Paul last season in New Orleans. James Posey also came along in the trade that cost Indiana Troy Murphy, and he brings championship pedigree and leadership. For all their struggles on the court, the Pacers are beginning to manage their cap well and could be players in free agency next summer.

The more they stay the same: Second-round pick Lance Stephenson‘s recent altercation with the mother of his child, in which he allegedly pushed her down a flight of stairs and slammed her head against a step, brings back despicable memories of the havoc wreaked by Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jamaal Tinsley a few years ago. Indiana, in an effort to win back its fan base, has brought in nothing but “good guys” the past few years, but diverted from that strategy in drafting Stephenson, whose troubled past is well-documented. They got burned for it.

In my opinion, this is just ridiculous. Indy will have to finish in the Top 20 at the worst. They have too much talent right now. What do you guys think? Do you think ESPN messed up on the rankings here for the Pacers?

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  • James Grayson

    Yea ESPN is like that, but I think while Indiana did improve with getting Collison, the Posey thing is a killer. When he was with the Hornets he was nothing but a bum and last season he averaged the worst PPG for his career of 5. Getting rid of Troy Murphy could be a concern as you guys need someone next to Hibbert.

    • Josh Dhani

      good point james