A Photo of Paul George

A bunch of the NBA rookies did a photo shoot yesterday in Upstate New York. I was going to to go, but it was pretty far so I didn’t. Luckily, other people did, however, and one was nice enough to take this fine, double-exposure photo of two Paul Georges pretending to dunk a basketball through their legs while wearing some low-top, white-on-white, Uptowns.

At least I presume this is a double-exposure … I suppose there is always the possibility that there is some sort of Parent Trap situation going on here. Let’s hope his Mr. and Mrs. George can reconcile.

Sidenote: I just did a Google search to make sure that Paul’s mom wasn’t dead or something else wasn’t afoot that would make my terrible Parent Trap joke not just terrible comically but, like, terrible in a interpersonal, having sympathy for other humans way, and in doing so, I found this little factoid about Paul George’s dad.

With him will be his agent, nephew, two sisters, mother and father — who boarded a plane for the first time in his life to see his son be drafted.

“He said it wasn’t that bad,” George joked. “I wish I was on the flight with him. He was probably screaming and hollering.”

I bet that scene in the movie would be the funniest. It would be like A-Team meets Parent Trap meets Airplane! meets Love and Basketball. Oh, the magic of Hollywood.

Someone call Ari Gold.

Paul George

via Nice Kicks (h/t Trey Kerbz)

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