Lance Stephenson's Agent on Arrest

Hopefully, Mike Wells will put all the quotes together in a piece over on Indy Star shortly, but for now, here’s the four quotes he just tweeted from Lance Stephenson’s agent about the weekend arrest. (Tweets number one and two and three and four)

Stephenson’s agent, Al Ebanks, addresses the situation, “The allegations against Lance Stephenson, Jr. are very serious.”

More Ebanks, “Mr. Stephenson did not maliciously, intentionally or in any other way cause harm to Jasmine Williams.”

And more Ebanks, ” Everyone, especially Lance, regrets that this incident occurred.”

And the last bit from Ebanks’ statement, ” We look forward to addressing these charges in the appropriate venues.”

Not a lot of info, but I can’t say I actually expected anything. Much like Larry Bird’s statement about the incident, there’s not much either side can legally say right now until the judicial process proceeds a little further.

Now, just like the old days, we wait for some law enforcement and/or courtroom officials to let us know what might happen next.

Pretty much like riding a bike for Pacers fans.

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  • Michael

    Is there any way this incident can get the Pacers out of the contract? .

  • Tim Donahue

    Michael, I would find that extremely unlikely. As far as I can recall, there has been no instance where an NBA player’s contract has been voided – including the most famous cases of Latrell Sprewell and, recently, Gilbert Arenas.

    Still, I do not think the $1.5mm guarantee will prevent the Pacers from waiving him, if that’s what they feel is the appropriate action.

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