Marshall Wants To Play in the NBA

There’s a lot of rumors and news of a potential lockout in 2011 for the National Football League. For Brandon Marshall, there are not many things to be worried about if such a thing were to happen. The Miami Dophins’ wide receiver says that if there is a lockout, he will try playing in the National Basketball Association.

“My first team will be the Nuggets and my second team will be the Heat — I’m serious,” Marshall said.

Marshall was asked if he would want to pursue a career in basketball if there was a lockout for the NFL in 2011.

“Not pursuing — I’m going to be on an NBA team. Seriously,” he replied.

Marshall says he is good enough to play the shooting guard position in the professional league. Marshall has the size 6’4″ and 230 pounds. Marshall played basketball on his high-school team. He just signed to a five-year $47 million deal with the ‘Fins this off-season.

“There’s not going to be any football,” Marshall predicted. “If there’s a lockout, I have to find a job. I figure the Nuggets will be a better choice because of the welcome home cheer I’ll get — a couple of boos at first. I’m gonna get with a basketball coach and get to work, prepare for the lockout.”

This report surprised Miami. But coach Tony Sparano isn’t worried.

“I’ve seen him jump — he’s not playing basketball,” he said.

Marshall is serious about it. He already notified his agent. Oh boy, is this going to be interesting.

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