Pacers May Be Buying Out the Final Year of TJ Ford's Contract

According to Woj, TJ has played his last game as a Pacer and will soon be sent on his way — carrying a big, fat check. (h/t Pacers Digest)

The Pacers are negotiating a buyout with T.J. Ford’s agent on the $8.5 million owed the point guard this season, league sources tell Y!.

This makes sense.

With Darren Collison and James Posey incoming and only Troy Murphy outgoing in the four-team trade just completed, the Pacers would be at the 15-man roster maximum. The word is that they would still like to sign 2010 second round draft pick Magnum Rolle, however. Buying out TJ would give them the flexibility to still do that — or something else — and it seems as if any attempt to trade TJ for something of any value has become futile.

So better to just buy out the diminutive, inconsistent point guard rather than try to crowbar his $8.5 million expiring contract into some deal that brings back some long-term contract the front office doesn’t really want on the books.

And honestly, even though I have nothing against TJ and like his play at times, it’s time for his tenure as a Pacer to be over. It was an OK attempt at an experiment (even if I still think they could have done better for JO than TJ, Rasho and Hibbert), but the experiment has run its course.

Really, a day that brings in Collison and Posey and shows the door to both Troy and TJ might be better than one that brings in Collison and Posey and only shows Troy the door.

Equilibrium by subtraction … or something.

UPDATE: Mike Wells is reporting that the Pacers are offering a laughably low buyout figure:

Pacers want Ford to take $5 million in the buyout, according to a source.

Unsurprisingly — if that’s an honest number that Larry Bird thinks he can get TJ to agree with — Stacy Paetz is reporting that TJ has no interest in a buyout.

Indiana tried to add T.J. Ford to the deal, according to a source. Ford not interested in buyout from Pacers

Wells’ sources are saying the same:

T.J. Ford says he’s not interested in taking a buyout from the Pacers.

The saga continues …

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