Darren Collison to the Pacers

Whoa. Looks like we might finally have some non-Granger-playing-for-Team-USA-based news. (His finger’s not broken, by the way.) (h/t IndyCornrows)

The Pacers are in the process of finalizing a four-team trade that would (finally) net them their point guard of the future: Darren Collison.

(UPDATE: Marc Spears and Mike Wells and pretty much everyone else have confirmed this. Done deal. Also, this.)

Indy only would be giving up the highly expendable Troy Murphy in the deal, although they would have to take on the rather bad contract of James Posey. (Posey is owed $6.5 million for 2010-11 and nearly $7 million for 2011-12.) Still, Posey isn’t the worst type of salary cap baggage to have: he is by most all accounts a very good teammate/locker room guy, he knows a thing or two about defense even if his is no longer great and he is only 33 years old. He did shoot 36.5% last year so … yeah … there’s that.

That doesn’t matter though really at all since Darren Collison is pretty damn good.

He just turned 23. And as a rookie for the Hornets last year, he averaged 12.5 ppg and 5.7 apg in just 27 mpg — all while shooting a 47.7% (including 40.0% from three … important in Jim O’Brien’s offense) and being one of the quickest men on the planet both with and without the ball. Kid plays defense, too.

Celebrate, Pacers fans. This is a good, good, good day. The team has a point guard. I never thought this day would come. Best part? Darren is just the perfect combination of youth, talent, mentality (he wants to show the world he belongs among the better PGs on this league) and drive to run this team at a very high level immediately. I’m sure he enjoyed picking up a thing or two from Chris Paul, but he must be ecstatic to have “his” team. And with only Granger and Hibbert as established team cornerstones for the future, he can immediately put his mark on the ball club.

Yup. Very, very good day for Pacers fans.

And thanks for the hard work, Murphy. Enjoy playing for your home state this year.

Maybe TJ will get to go to Texas, too.

UPDATE 2: Mike Wells is reporting that Indy actually is trying to add TJ to the deal. Houston doesn’t really make sense since they have Aaron Brooks and TJ is oh-so-similar-but-worse … but it would be kind of eerie if my random joke-prediction came true right now.

  • http://www.joshtinley.com Josh Tinley

    I love this move. Best thing the Pacers front office has done since drafting Granger.

  • http://www.joshtinley.com Josh Tinley

    If the trade goes through, that is.

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  • Frank

    I love this! And for a moment I thought the commenter before me was J. Tinsley….lol

  • bullied

    Colllison is OVERRATED he played in a fast system, that didn’t care about DEFENSE, well mr Collison welcome to the physical eastern conference!!

  • Bob

    I think this is a halfway decent move, but I think pacer fans are overrating james posey. He is only in teh deal to balance salaries. I do think the move is overrated .pacers are nowhere near the heat or lakers in short term, and in long term oklahoma city still has a much better nucleus with a LEGIT franchise guy in durant who is actually younger than darren collison by a smidge.

    For pacers to make next step, this team needs to make a COMMITMENT to either landing a superstar through the draft, trade, or free agency. No excuses about “losing is unacceptable”. if losing was more acceptable, pacers might have john wall or evan turner instead of paul george. The only team to win a title without a superstar in my lifetime is the 03-04 pistons. i don’t like those odds. Granger is a nice player, but not on the level of kobe, tim duncan, michael jordan, kevin garnett etc.

  • Bob

    And for those who think darren collison will “develop” defensively. Just look at footage from NCAA Semifinal game vs Memphis when derrick rose went off on him. it is oh so clear he struggles with point guards 6’3″ and taller. and guess who the pacers play 4 times a year? Mr. Rose.

    Hey i’m a pacer fan but i want this team to actually start looking at the big picture of winning a title for once. Colts go after titles, why should pacers chase 41-41 seasons? why not chase success 6-8 years down the road like OKC chose to do when they tanked in 2006-07? i see a team tired of losing and trying to fight for its playoff life as a 7 or 8 seed this year. all that does is cramp draft positioning next year.

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  • Bob

    After 5 games, this doesn’t look like a swift move. Posey’s deal is untradeable and Collison has been a TO machine. If it doesnt get better, Bird should get fired and Paers should never,ever hire an ex-NBA all star to run basketball operations. Give the job to a nerd instead.

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