A Brief Scouting Reporting on Darren Collison

At noon, I was hoping the Pacers would be able to re-sign Earl Watson.  By 2 pm, I was absolutely giddy over the fact that Darren Collison was going to be a Pacer, and all it cost us was Troy Murphy and the willingness to absorb the last two years of James Posey’s contract.

Collison had been a target for the Pacers most of the summer, and prior to the draft I had contacted Ryan Schwan of Hornets247 to get his take on the rookie PG from UCLA.  Here’s what he had to say:

The Good: Collison is a cold-blooded killer.  He doesn’t get flustered, doesn’t make mistakes at the end of games, and he leads his team vocally.  Put him in a pick and roll, and you’d be hardpressed to find a guy as good as him at getting to the hoop and finishing or dumping off to bigs in the paint.  Early in the season, he was a turnover waiting to happen as he drove into trouble and lost the ball a lot, but then he started to use a mid-range pull-up in march and april – and his shot was golden off of that.  He’s an excellent shooter from anywhere, and Chris Paul calls him the fastest man in the NBA.  As you’d expect, in transition he can’t be caught.

The Bad: Outside of pick and rolls, he’s not the best at improvising, frequently making a decision before his drive, and then not adapting well when something unexpected occurs.  His defense is abysmal.  He’s fast, and he gets some steals while staying in front of his man, but he can be outmuscled easily, shot over, and it’s not hard to rub him off with a solid screen.

Summary:  Collison is exciting as hell, and just based on what I saw over the course of last year, I expect him to become a major offensive wrecking ball – his FG% essentially increased every month as he figured things out.  In fact, I tend to refer to him with my friends as a team-oriented version of Allen Iverson.  I also fully expect him to be exploited defensively by the other team every game – and I’m not sure there’s anything anyone will be able to do about it.

So, plenty to be excited about offensively, and some to be concerned about defensively.  Still, he’s young, and we got him for a great price.  His overall Synergy defensive numbers are comparable to guys like Ty Lawson and Eric Maynor, and I suspect Pacer fans will find him an improvement at the defensive end over all of the Point Guards we’ve played over the last three years – with the exception of Earl Watson.

Thanks again to Ryan for his input.

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  • andre

    TJ FORD 2.0


  • cordobes

    I’m not sure he’s that good playing off the pick’n’roll (even though he’s excellent getting into it and turning the corner and a good passer) and I certainly disagree with classifying his defense as “abysmal”. Per Synergy .89ppp against, 0.443.. that’s more in line with what I thought when I saw him. They run lots of isos against him but he seemed to do very well, interesting. I may chance my opinion after seeing him playing more or going through some clips, but I thought his defense last season was above average, very good for a rookie point-guard. Agreed with the rest.

    Excellent trade for the Pacers.

  • pemba

    this kid was as good as chris paul when he filled in
    most people were saying they should trade paul and keep collison, because he was a
    younger version
    that is exciting, i am ready to root for the pacers again, the last few years were hard
    i think collison is the best backup point in the league, this is a huge steal for the pacers, for troy murphy are you kidding me? get ready, this cat is our star for the next few years and with hibbert working out with bill walton, granger being better after the worlds and a collison and granger combo, and hopefully a sleeper rookie, i think its gonna be a great pacers year, at least 8th spot…
    think about this guy is the best point weve had since mark jackson, i mean can you even remember the last time we had a real all star player at point?

  • bullied

    Collison was so good that he couldn’t get them in the playoffs, allstar, are u sh****me, please he’s going to get torched by D.Rose and B.Jennings with that o’le defense. And playoffs, what playoffs? Are u kidding me, u guys just go rid of your best big man who averaged 10 boards a game, also, u NEVER trade a big for a little NEVER! And now your going to the playoffs, pleeeeeeeeeaase!! lmfao!!!!!!!!!

  • bullied

    And by the way, nobody won in this deal, EVERY TEAM took some garbage in that deal, everyone! And the pacers will get BLASTED on the boards this year, and Collison, welcome to the physical eastern conference. And u guys will still come in 8th place!!!

  • bullied

    I mean the pacers will finish LAST in the conference!

  • pemba

    nice dude
    but i dont think chris paul can get the hornets into the playoffs, so how do you expect a rookie to?
    im just saying in a few years if we keep granger, who is under the radar, a rookie shows up, our 7foot2 center gets a little game and well be nice in the still leastern conference
    who is a better back up PG in the league now, and as a rookie? i said he basically filled in for paul, got the same results, i think thats pretty good. dont rain our parade, pacer fans are ready for something good to happen, so we shall see
    last year the last twenty games or so we had a pretty good record, if we can keep that up, then i think well be ok, plus collison is a great rebounding gard, who almost had some triple doubles and a couple a games had 7 or 8 boards in one quarter
    we’ll be ok
    peace to pacer fans

  • Mac

    Time for Hollinger and Ford to redo their three year forecast!