The Pacers Free Agent Point Guard Options

Given that the Pacers have officially signed Lance Stephenson, who they think can run the offense, and there are reports that the front office still can’t find any takers for TJ Ford, Indiana’s desperate need for a point guard may not be as great today as it was back when Earl Watson was leaving in free agency and AJ Price was fracturing his patella playing charity basketball.

And since they have 14 players under contract already and might give Magnum Rolle the final roster spot, there may have to be a trade before the Pacers even have room to bolster the PG spot through free agency.

BUT … if they do want to add another PG, they probably should do it soon. Because, as Sham Sports points out in this fantastic post on what free agents are still out there, there isn’t a lot out there.

Here’s the full list of PGs:

  • Earl Watson
  • Anthony Johnson
  • Chucky Atkins
  • Cedric Jackson
  • White Chocalate (who has sweet negative sideburns)
  • Bobby Brown
  • Chris Quinn
  • Earl Boykins
  • Mustaka Shakur
  • Acie Law
  • Antonio Daniels
  • Travis Diener
  • Eddie House
  • Jamaal Tinsley
  • Marcus Williams
  • Rafer Alston
  • Brevin Knight
  • Jason Hart
  • Lester Hudson
  • Tweety Carter
  • Sherron Collins
  • Patty Mills
  • Mike James
  • Marko Jaric
  • Šarūnas Jasikevičius
  • John Lucas III
  • Jerome Randle
  • John Scheyer

First of all, the Pacers pathetic PG situation is best summed up by the fact that this list includes a full five players who have received paychecks from the team in the past few years (and, of course, one who is still receiving them. Don’t spend it all in one place, Jamaal.). It also includes one guy that I’m pretty sure Sham made up (no way Tweety Carter is an actual, living human being), one guy who has never before dribbled a basketball (Eddie House only catches and shoots … he also signed with Miami), one guy who I’m pretty sure is dead (Brevin Knight) and several guys who will likely never play more than 20 games in the NBA.

So … Presuming the team wouldn’t bring back Earl Watson, I’m not sure any of these guys are worth the time. Acie Law, Earl Boykins and maybe Rafer (I like the guy for God knows what reason) are the only three names that inspire even a half-hearted “meh.” The rest are straight “no thanks.” (Rafer is too, really, since it would pretty much be acquiring another TJ Ford.) Sherron Collins might be worth a look, I guess.

Time to call some GMs about Troy Murphy.


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  • Mike

    yup, Tweety Carter does exist.
    undrafted player out of Baylor, undersized.

  • Franklin Oliver

    If the Pacers actually attempt to play the aggressive, 3 pointer friendly, uptempo style Jim O’Brien promised (and had success with in Boston), Jason Williams would be the best of these PG possibilities. He’s a smart, willing passer who has good transition instincts and deep range. Unlike TJ, he also looks to pass first. And unlike every point guard the Pacers have had since Tinsley, Williams makes good post entry passes.

    Thanks for continuing to post in the summer.

  • Richard Wright

    Pretty slim pickings there. Quick tip from the land down under. Sign Patty Mills before the World Championships start. Once everyone gets a look at how solid this guy is in running the Australian Boomers team, I think he will be taking more than a few calls to see if he can fit in as a back up point guard. He will be great at changing the tempo of the game (dude is quick) and with our uptempo style I think he will fit in great. Patty Mills all the way.

  • Franklin Oliver

    Apparently Orlando agreed with me as they re-signed JWIll.

  • Lordcaliph

    Trade Murphy for the back up point at the Hornets. The kid is terrific, i love Stephenson but he is a two guard that can play some point. He will eventually move inconsistent Rush. Sign rolle and start the kid from Carolina at PF. Murphy is the only trade value we have.

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  • Brilesy

    Granger for Harris, are you NUTTS.