Why So Much Neglect to T.J.?


The Indiana Pacers re-signed T.J. Ford as their first task during the off-season. It was a one-year deal as Ford had a player option but decided to stay. And if he left, not so much interest would come to him. And this surprises me. I mean, nobody had interest in him and the Pacers don’t have a lot of it in him either.

I mean, they are trying everything to find a guy to start over Ford. And people say that some of the success the Pacers had last season was off of benching Ford. A lot of the fans say he is a ball-hog, and I can see that, but he helps bring in some wins sometimes.

Why so much hate? Contributing off the bench last season, Ford played well with 10.3 points per game and 3.8 assists per game. If he can keep producing well off the bench, he can like it here. But why the trade rumors? Indy doesn’t have a lot of good point guards and Ford and Lance Stephenson are the best they got to start off the season.

He played great in the 2008-09 season, averaging 14.9 points and 5.3 assists per game. Then Jim O’Brien started benching him when the next season came. Why neglect him so much? Is this reason for trading our franchise player? For this? I mean, why trade for T.J. Ford when all you are going to do is neglect him and trade him somewhere else, probably.

I know, Jermaine O’Neal took a lot of the cap space that time, but so did Ford. Now he is reducing his contract and trying to play starter for this team. At least you could have traded for somebody else that would be useful then. It would be a bad move for trading for Ford if Indy trades him away.

Indy needs him at point guard. I guess we’ll see how Lance Stephenson does at point guard. He sounds really good and Ford can really help him out, along with being the great source of energy coming off the bench. Yeah, this could work out. But can this work out for coach O’Brien? O’Brien needs to be careful what he does, or it’s his job.

But please, let’s start this season great. Stay away from the neglect. Let T.J. do his thing.

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