It has been reported that Mavericks’ power forward Dirk Nowitzki might be leaving the team after it has been reported that he will be opting out of his contract.

Dirk wants to win.

Let me rephrase that: he’s been winning with the Mavs, but not good enough to be a Finals contender.

No offense to the Mavericks’ fans, but the last few years haven’t been working out championship-wise, which brings to the fact that Nowitzki will most probably leaving.

And even though the Mavericks have until June 1 to make a contract extension, it’ll most likely not happen.

So what does this mean for Dallas if Dirk leaves? It does open up cap-room, and coming July 1, the Mavericks could go for LeBron James.

Now this might be crazy to you, and I know: it’s crazy to me too. “LeBron James with the Mavericks, you kidding me?”

Yes, I know. But it opens up cap-space. If James leaves the Cavaliers coming July 1, the Mavericks could offer a sign-and-trade.

Along with that, Mark Cuban could shut his mouth, since he just got fined $100K for his comments about getting LeBron. But he could be right. What if LeBron wants to win there?

To me, it’s not going to happen. Not at all. But, for sure, it will make Mark Cuban lure for LeBron James a lot more.

But even though I don’t see James in a Mavs’ uniform at all, who else could be there?

The Mavericks could maybe offer a sign-and-trade with Joe Johnson. It would be a great fit in my books. But if Johnson wants to win, is the Mavs the right place?

With a possible chance of Nowitzki leaving, could the Mavs play like they usually do? Those questions keep jumping to my mind.

Could the Mavericks do a sign-and-trade with the Memphis Grizzlies for Rudy Gay? Hey, it’s possible there. With a bunch of rumors of Rudy going to the Los Angeles Clippers, why not him going with the Mavs, huh?

But no matter what happens, if Dirk Nowitzki leaves, the Mavs are going to have to sign at least somebody.

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  • mavsman

    Your whole article is widely not factual. Do more research first

  • Jon

    Wow. No offense but this article has the most inaccurate information or even realistic scenarios. I hope you’re not supposed to be a Mavericks analyst/expert or even fan.

    First of all:

    Dirk isn’t opting out to leave the Mavs (although it is a possibility; a slim possibility) he’s opting out only b/c it makes sense financially and to give the team some options. Cap space doesn’t get freed up from Dirk opting out contrary to your statement since the Mavs are way over the cap.

    If Dirk were to leave the Mavs, why the hell would LeBron join the Mavs then? Might as well go to the Knicks or stay in Cleveland.

    The Mavs however do have the potential to make a huge off-season splash since they have Erick Dampier’s strategically structured contract that makes him a highly wanted trade chip since he is basically $13 million coming off the books if he is released.

    With that trade chip, that would be how they would acquire LeBron if he wanted to join the Mavs since Dallas could offer a package of Damp’s expiring contract, Caron Butler, Roddy B and draft picks or a deal similar to that.

    It’s amazing how many writers/experts are ignorant of how NBA teams’ salary cap situations really are or how player’s contracts are not what they seem. I’m not trying to be a pretentious douche and claim that I know everything as well but it gets annoying hearing people write a bunch of non-sense with little truth to it.