Chuck Person in a White Tuxedo on Draft Night

Hey look. It’s Chuck Person. On Draft night in 1986. Wearing a white tuxedo.

Less importantly, I’m back to work. Sorry for the layoff. My sanity demanded it. We’ll be covering Draft stuff this week and starting in on a formal post-season look back at the year that was and the year the summer that will be.

All systems go. (photo via Sports Illustrated)

Chuck Person_1986-draft

Nice work, Chuck. But you’re no Jalen

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  • Tim Donahue

    Man, tried to see how many I could name, I got:

    Front (L to R) Chuck, Chris Washburn, Johnny Dawkins, Len Bias, John Salley
    Back (L to R) Kenny Walker, (is that) Pearl Washington (?), John Williams, Roy Tarpley, and I’m not sure on the last two.

    Checking the draft, I think that is Pearl, and the tall guy to the right of Tarpley might be William Bedford. The sheepish looking tall guy to the far right trying to make himself invisible is Brad Sellers. He failed here, but he succeeded in making himself invisible over the course of his career.

    Some really sad stories in that picture. Len Bias’s death. Tarpley and Washburn lifetime bans on drugs. Bedford drugs and point shaving. John Williams with the knee injury, weight problems and supposedly family issues.

    Man, drafting in the ’80′s really was like playing Russian Roulette.

  • the_capital_t

    My heart hurts a lil bit every time I see an archived image of Len Bias. But what is most telling about this photo is Brad Daugherty. He’s totally apart from everyone else. Specifically, his body language indicates he has little interest in the ball every other dude is clamouring over. If anyone was still looking for proof that Daugherty was one of those giants who hooped simply because he was tall…this is it.

    No wonder he ended up calling NASCAR.

  • Tim Donahue

    Oh…that is Daugherty, not Sellers, isn’t it?

    God, he looks so young and slender.

  • Pig Nash

    Looks like Chuck is auditioning for Party Down.

  • Josh Dhani