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The NBA announced their All-Defense teams this week, and once again, none of the Indiana Pacers made the list. I remembered Artest making the team as a Pacer, but other than that I couldn’t remembered anyone else from the team ever making the list. I checked it out and came up with a list of All Defensive selections by franchise. The list is by franchise, so all of the Seattle Supersonics’ selections count for Oklahoma City, etc.

Franchise All Defensive Selections
Los Angeles (Lakers) 38
Chicago 37
Boston 35
San Antonio 34
Detroit 24
Atlanta 22
New York 22
Philadelphia 18
Oklahoma City 17
Phoenix 17
Utah 17
Milwaukee 16
Houston 15
Portland 14
Denver 11
Golden State 11
Cleveland 10
Indiana 8
Miami 8
Minnesota 8
Washington 8
New Jersey 7
New Orleans 7
Sacramento 7
Orlando 5
Dallas 2
Charlotte 1
Los Angeles (Clippers) 0
Memphis 0
Toronto 0

Turns out the Pacers weren’t as bad as I thought. Artest had three selections in a row, ’02-’06. Derrick McKey also made two in the early 90s. Another interesting thing, is how much the identity of a franchise changes from era to era. Phoenix and Golden State are two of the fastest run and gun teams of the last decade, but apparently had a much bigger defensive focus during the 80s and early 90s.

Congratulations to Gerald Wallace, who this year earned the first selection for the Charlotte Bobcats. Now it’s just the Clippers, Grizzlies and Raptors who have never had an All-Defense selection. Hedo Turkoglu, Zack Randolph and Baron Davis, next year is your year! Remember to get low and move your feet.

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