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Fantasies: Kevin Durant

Ah, wouldn’t the Pacers fan love it? Kevin Durant on the team. Oh my, that would just be so swell. He won’t look so bad in that No. 35, Blue and Gold jersey. Just imagine if the Pacers somehow acquired him and he was on the team today, right now.

This is what I call,

Indiana Pacers Fantasies. Let’s begin.

Durant would have probably one of the Top 10 best-selling jerseys. Indiana’s fanbase would be crowded just to see Durant, Granger, and Hibbert tear it up on opponents’ defenses. It would just be a fantastic scene to imagine.

It would be nice witnessing. What would the lineup be like first of all for Indy if they do in fact had Durant? Let’s take a look:

PG: T.J. Ford

SG: Kevin Durant

SF: Danny Granger

PF: Troy Murphy

C: Roy Hibbert

Does that look like a playoff-caliber lineup or what? I think so. I can see it now…T.J. Ford takes it up the court, passes the ball to Granger. Granger goes to the rim, oh, fakes it—hits it to Durant who is wide-open for three—it’s in!

Ah, yes. That would be very swell.

And man, look how great a combination like Durant and Granger are. Both have the height and speed that can be unstoppable along with their streaking shooting and their ability to attack the rim.

They then have a decent shooter in Ford, who is a well-played PG. Troy Murphy is not your average forward, who can shoot, rebound, and have three-point range along with many other qualities. Roy Hibbert has the ability to score and intimidate, attacking the boards as well.

This team can be a No. 8 seed, easily.

Just imagine how great it would be. But it’s a fantasy. And fantasies can’t be real. This can maybe, but not for now. I guess we’ll have to wait, Pacers fans: of how this team can do in the next few years.

Playoffs in reality possible?


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