No Trades...Oh What Could've Been

I wish the Pacers made at least one trade during the NBA Trade week. Now the deadline has passed and there were no deals. Indiana could have had a shot of landing Zydrunas Ilguaskas and J.J. Hickson in a trade for Troy Murphy. But it’s too late now with the Antwan Jamison trade already booked.

And along with that, the Pacers were about to make a deal of landing D.J. Augustin for T.J. Ford. I would like that very much. Heck, Indiana could’ve traded both Troy Murphy and T.J. Ford for Gerald Wallace and/or Augustin. Hey, it might work. But it’s too late now. Deadline has passed and nothing happened.

Bummer. Oh well, let’s just wish for the best this season. I am sensing a good offseason with some big moves.

And next season, we have a new team. More talent, less teabagging:

Oh the Pacers may have lost this battle to the Spurs, but the teabagging was still in their hearts and they did it with might. Ho hum!

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