Game 51 Preview: The Ear Infection From Hell


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Like Tom Lewis of Indy Cornrows said, Tyler Hansbrough has the ear infection from hell. How many games has he missed because of that? I really have no idea myself but he’ll be out for today. Last time these two teams met, there was horse piss, and before that: my dog farted (check in archives for that so you know what I mean). But anyways, that last matchup in the horse piss one, it was sad.

Andrew Bogut destroyed Indiana, having over 30 points and over ten rebounds I believe. But now there is luck for us, Pacer fans! Bogut suffered from a migraine and may be out for tonight’s game. I really really hope this happens. At 22-26, Milwaukee may lose two important keys for the game: Michael Redd, who is out for the season, and possibly Bogut.

Brandon Jennings looks to lead the game in this. The Pacers, meanwhile, are coming off two big wins. Last night, they destroyed the Pistons 107-83 with T.J. Ford playing well after being benched for 18 games. A.J. Price played well starting his first game as well as Brandon Rush, who is back in action. Danny Granger looks lead the team again tonight. Before the Detroit game, Indiana faced Toronto with Lester Conner, killing them in a 130-115 revenge victory.

Indiana will revert back to it’s old lineup of Earl Watson at PG, Luther Head at SG, Granger at SF, Troy Murphy at PF, and Roy Hibbert at C. For Milwaukee, it’ll be Jennings at PG, Charlie Bell at SG, Carlos Defino at SF, Luc Richard Mbah e Moute (by the way, awesome name) at PF, and if Bogut plays he’ll be at C.

This looks to be a fun matchup in this Central Division rivalry battle. Good luck Indy! A win can hopefully boost up the Colts’ spirit to beat New Orleans in the Super Bowl! needs to fix that ear…it hurts.

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  • Pingback: Game 51 Preview: The Ear Infection From Hell | Always Miller Time … | Health News

  • Pingback: Game 51 Preview: The Ear Infection From Hell | Always Miller Time … | Health News

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