Game 50 Preview: Let's Start a Winning Streak

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Pacers: Indy Cornrows, Eight Points Nine Seconds, Pacers Pulse, Pacers Place

Pistons: Life On Dumars, Piston Powered, Detroit Bad Boys, Smoking Pistons, Need4Sheed

The Pacers have gotten this squad last time, killing them actually and winning it on the road. Both teams have a similar record with Detroit at 16-31 and Indy at 17-32, both have ended their losing streaks on a Tuesday night’s win, and both teams played hard.

The Pacers had a great win with assistant coach Lester Conner after Jim O’Brien had to attend a funeral after suffering a lost from his family. But he is now back and is expected to coach tonight at home in Conseco Fieldhouse. The Pacers played very hard in the 130-115 victory over the Raptors with Conner.

“The guys gave me all they wanted, and I said, ‘Hey, you guys are telling me congratulations, it’s congratulations to you because you guys needed this more than I did,'” Conner said. “When the substitute teacher is around, you want to try to do good or try to test him to see what he has. Those guys went out and played their hearts out.”

The last time these two met was a couple of weeks ago in Detroit as Indy finally got a road win with a 105-93 victory, with Granger leading the way with 25 points, and who has been averaging nearly 30 points per game. The Pacers look to bring their game back on track now. It’s time.

It would be nice to start a winning streak. It would mean a lot. It would be a perfect end to a perfect day for me with missing school an hour earlier with the snow and enjoying a fabulous win for my favorite team. Enjoy the game folks and look for some great Twitter updates with me of the game-coverage @JoshDhani.

Enjoy the game. Good luck Pacers!

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